The membership of the committee will comprise one person elected from each of the 12 academic units plus three from the nonacademic units. The purpose of electing members by unit is to facilitate communication between the committee and staff in each unit, not to provide representation for unit-specific issues.

Elected members will serve on the committee for three years.

Elections in each unit will occur during the final year of the committee member's three-year term.

One-third of the elected members will be replaced each year.

Committee members will be allowed to serve more than one term, but not consecutive three-year terms.

Time served for committee work should be considered as part of a committee member's job responsibilities and not as personal time.

To ensure that the composition of the committee is representative of the staff as a whole, each year one committee member may be recommended by the Staff Advisory Committee and appointed by the dean to a three-year term. These appointments will be used, if necessary, to promote gender balance and diversity and to ensure inclusion of representatives of all staff classifications. These appointments may also be used to obtain the membership of a person with specific expertise.

The combination of elections and appointments will result in a committee size of 15 to 18 people in a given year.