Amendment A

A committee member may serve more than three years in a six-year period by serving any combination of an elected term and replacement time for a resigning member, but may not serve more than six years in any nine-year period.

Amendment B

Having an adjunct faculty appointment does not make a full-time SPEC or HR-86 staff employee ineligible to serve as a committee member of the Staff Advisory Committee to the Dean.

Approved by the Dean

June 17, 1998

Amendment C

If a member is going to miss a meeting, the member is responsible for informing the committee chairperson of such absence in advance of the meeting time and date. More than three unexcused absences in one year will be addressed by the committee, resulting in a phone call from the chairperson of the committee to discuss said unexcused absences, possibly resulting in replacement.

Approved by the Dean

October 18, 2001

Amendment D

The committee will consist of a Leadership Committee composed of chair elect, chair, and past chair. Committee members that have served one full year are eligible for election to the Leadership Committee for their second subsequent year of office. Each year the committee will elect a chair elect. That person serves as chair elect for one year, then as chair the following year, and past chair for the final year, possibly resulting in an extension of a committee member's term of office from three to four years. The Leadership Committee will work together as a team to fulfill the leadership responsibilities necessary to direct the committee.

Note: Unit elections for committee membership must be completed by a date set by the committee before determining ballot eligibility of committee members for election to position of chair elect.

Approved and passed

May 22, 2002

Amendment E

College staff that are not members of the Staff Advisory Committee to the Dean may be appointed to serve on advisory committee subcommittees upon invitation and agreement by the committee. These subcommittee appointments may be made to obtain the expertise of a staff member from which the subcommittee can benefit to obtain its goal. A noncommittee staff member may also express interest to serve on a particular subcommittee by submitting his/her interest in writing to the committee for consideration. A nonmember subcommittee appointment does not give privilege to attendance at Staff Advisory Committee meetings or decisions.

Approved and passed

May 22, 2002

Amendment F

  1. Membership of the Staff Advisory Committee to the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences will be composed of full-time staff members with standing or fixed-term positions, as determined by the University Office of Human Resources.
  2. The committee will be composed of one elected representative from each of the nine academic departments and four from the nonacademic units for a total of thirteen elected members. Committee membership may increase due to special appointments made to the committee by the dean of the college or the committee itself as provided for elsewhere in this charter.
  3. The nonacademic units will be grouped for the purpose of representation as follows:
  • Representative One will be selected from among Communications and Marketing, Information Technologies, Conferences and Short Courses, and Alumni;
  • Representative Two will be selected from among Administrative Services, Grants and Contracts, Digital Education, and Human Resources;
  • Representative Three will be selected from among Ag Analytical Services Laboratory, Animal Diagnostics Laboratory, Farm Operations, Extension, and 4-H;
  • Representative Four will be selected from among Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, the Dean's Office, Development, and International Programs.
  • Elections to fill expiring terms are to be conducted in the year before said term expires. New members will be introduced to the committee and seated at the final meeting of the year.
  • A notice will be sent to the heads of those departments from which a representative is needed to fill a vacancy. Information will be provided as to when the election must be concluded and the name of the elected representative forwarded to the committee chair. The head of department may designate others to perform the call for nomination and election. With regard to the election of representatives from the nonacademic units, the chair of the committee, or another member of the leadership team, will send notices to the heads of each represented department within the group to coordinate the process of nominating and electing their representatives.
  • A quorum of the committee will require seven of the thirteen members, five of whom would need to vote in the affirmative to approve any measure that may come before the committee. The quorum's number may be adjusted to accommodate a larger committee if special appointments to the committee have been made by the dean or by the committee. These adjustments to the quorum may be made by a majority vote of the entire committee without the need to amend the committee's charter.
  • It is imperative that members of the Staff Advisory Committee engage with the staff members they represent to ensure that the committee receives comments from as many college staff members as possible.
  • A committee member elected to the position of chair elect will automatically extend his/her term of service to four years so that he/she may serve in the capacity of past chair in his/her fourth year. This fourth year of service will not affect the normal three-year election cycle for the department(s) represented by the past chair and would result in a fourteenth committee member. To eliminate the possibility of a tie in committee voting, the vote of the past chair will be discounted.

Approved and passed

October 9, 2012

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