Graduate Faculty Review Committee Report for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Prepared by Kathy Brasier,, on March 15, 2017

Committee membership: Kathy Brasier - Chair, John Coupland, Ali Demirci, Kathy Kelley, and Jonathan Lynch

Since the last report of this committee (dated April 8, 2016), the Graduate Faculty Review Committee received seven nominations for membership in the Graduate Faculty in "Category R."

According to Human Resources policy HR06 (Type of Appointment), which became effective Fall 2015, Category R membership is "restricted to those full-time faculty members who are assigned significant responsibilities in graduate education and research. It is the responsibility of the deans of the academic colleges to notify the Graduate School of faculty members who meet these criteria for membership."

All seven of the nominations were approved by the Committee unanimously. Five nominees are federal employees, and thus needed an exception to the graduate school policy that members of the graduate faculty most hold full-time appointments within the University. All seven have been approved by the Graduate School.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn J. Brasier