Graduate Faculty Review Committee Report for the 2015-16 Academic Year

Prepared by Mary Ann Bruns,, on April 8, 2016

Committee membership:

Kathy Brazier
Mary Ann Bruns - Chair
Jonathan Lynch
John Coupland
Kathy Kelley

In academic year 2015-16, the Graduate Faculty Review Committee received ten nominations for membership in the Graduate Faculty in "Category R."

According to Human Resources policy HR06 (Type of Appointment), which became effective Fall 2015, Category R membership is "restricted to those full-time faculty members who are assigned significant responsibilities in graduate education and research. It is the responsibility of the deans of the academic colleges to notify the Graduate School of faculty members who meet these criteria for membership."

Of ten nominations from the College, one nomination was returned to the Department Head before full review, because that nominee was employed full-time by a federal agency outside Pennsylvania. The Committee was informed by the Graduate School that such an individual could serve on graduate committees as a "Special Member" without being appointed to the Graduate Faculty. Another nomination, which had been unanimously approved by the Committee and sent to the Graduate School, was declined by the Graduate School for the same reason.

The remaining eight nominations were approved by the Committee unanimously and the appointments accepted by the Graduate School.

cc: Rama Radhakrishna