February 24, 2015

The College of Agricultural Sciences Library Committee met on February 24, 2015 in the Kneebone Room on the fourth floor of the library. Jan Scholl, Girish Kirimanjeswara, Kevin Harvatine, and Helen Smith, library liaison to the College.

The group shared library related activities since our last meeting, including the completion of the 4-H special collection. The minutes are now placed on the College's web-site and no report is given during the faculty meeting.

Following up from the last meeting, there was a discussion of what is the best way to connect with the departments, the opportunity for research data management on ScholarSphere. This is of benefit for many reasons, including indicating this on a grant proposal. It was felt that the Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition would be a good place to put up information as well as the Molecular Biology Summer Symposium. Perhaps a two minute promo could be given at various lectures around campus or during student orientation. The open house is also an opportunity.

The data and thesis information could be made available immediately, to selected grantors, or to be held for several years until the author of the research has published his/her papers. For some materials one has to be a Penn State student or faculty.

Other popular areas were discussed such as the One Button Studio, especially for recording speeches for a grade. There is a new one going up in Davey. The group study rooms can be reserved two weeks in advance for group work. The rooms feature mediascape technology that allows everyone to see what is being added or deleted on a screen.

The group discussed the committee structure. Girish is to move up to chair during the fall. He will set up the committee meeting, create an agenda with the other members and Helen and see that the minutes are provided to the president of the faculty committee to put on the web-site. Kevin was a temporary replacement during 2014-15. Jan Scholl, was chair in 2014-15 and will be moving off the committee as there will be two additional elected representatives on the committee by the fall semester.