September 30, 2014

The College of Agricultural Sciences Library Committee met on September 30, 2014 in the Kneebone Room on fourth floor of the library. Jan Scholl, Girish Kirimanjeswara, Kevin Harvatine, and Amy Paster and Helen Smith as outgoing and incoming library liaisons respectively.

Introductions were made.

Jan indicated that she had given two library lectures on the Smith-Lever Centennial in May and September this year. She also worked with the Special Collections to promote the centennial that included an open house for students. Library resources were located for faculty in the college.

Helen Smith will now be the librarian liaison to the committee and the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences as Kathy Fescemyer will be retiring during the middle of October. The committee will write a note to Kathy thanking her for her contribution to the College.

Amy shared information about a new resource to faculty and staff: Office Delivery Service. From the The Cat ("I want it" tab), the E-ZBorrow, or your Illiad profile you can request material delivered to your office. Circulating materials from the library's collection and Interlibrary Loan items are delivered via campus mail within 3-4 days. Materials will be delivered to the departmental office address you provided in your CAT and ILLiad accounts. You still need to return materials in person or mail back to: W107 Pattee Library. More information on office delivery.

There are new charging stations in the library for cell phones and Ipads.

There was a discussion of what is the best way to connect with the departments. There is an electronic newsletter sent twice a year. We could put notices in the research summaries, in department newsletters and the undergraduate teaching newsletter; Gamma Sigma Delta

Contact Helen Smith directly for requests for journals and books. Budget is a big concern and so is the format that might be useful for the majority of patrons. Obtain documentation of the number and types of potential users before making your request. Interlibrary loans of journal articles is also a way of the library determining need for a particular journal.

Helen mentioned that she would be available to give presentations on ScholarSphere.
Librarians are getting out of the library and making their expertise directly available to staff and faculty.

The committee talked briefly about the committee structure. With Marianne Fivek retiring, Jan Scholl will complete two terms as chair. Girish will come on as chair during the fall of 2016 and Kevin will continue with the committee this year and until someone is elected to replace him.

The next committee meeting will be during spring semester. The committee settled on a Tuesday meeting several weeks into the year. Jan will send out suggested dates.