Report for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 to date

Prepared by Jeffrey Catchmark (
Date of report: October 2, 2012

Report for 2011-2012

During this period, Prof. Shelby Fleischer served at committee chair. The following candidates were reviewed. All were approved for admission onto the graduate faculty.


Report for 2012-2013 to date

Committee membership:

Mark A. Brennan
Jeffrey M. Catchmark, CHAIR
Kevin J. Harvatine
Lisa Holden
Rama B. Radhakrishna
Anthony P. Schmitt

Note: Based on policy there should only be 5 members. This will be corrected during the next committee election.

During this period to date, three applications for admission to the graduate faculty were received. These are shown below with the status of the evaluation.

Jason Brooks - Approved
John Pecchia - Under review
Laura P. Leites - Under review

Finally, committee members expressed concern over the graduate faculty evaluation process. These concerns included ambiguity over the level of acceptable qualifications for admission to the graduate faculty, and details concerning the application process. The committee chair requested (on 9-13-2012) information from the college on the procedure for modifying the graduate faculty application process.