The Community of Advising Excellence Award

The Community of Advising Excellence recognizes outstanding academic advisers in the College of Agricultural Sciences. All tenure track and tenured faculty as well as staff who advise undergraduate students and who are subject to the student response to advising effective process are eligible for nomination.

Tenure track faculty, tenured faculty, instructors and staff advisers are eligible for the Community of Advising Excellence Award. This recognition can be received multiple times, potentially leading to induction of recipients into the prestigious Academy of Advising Excellence.

Advisers who have been recognized on three (3) occasions with the Community of Advising Excellence Award throughout their career, will be permanently inducted into the College’s Academy of Advising Excellence, with all its privileges and responsibilities, including a permanent salary increase (at present, this constitutes a 1% increase in base salary).

Nominations and awards are based on accomplishments during the past year (comprising the summer, fall, and spring semesters of the 2016-17 academic calendar) in formal undergraduate academic advising. 

It is recommended that previous award winners of the Community of Advising Excellence Award wait 2-3 years before resubmitting their packet for consideration to allow for a collection of evidence that portrays continuous improvement and contributions to the scholarship of teaching.

Recipients of this advising award will obtain…

  1. A framed award certificate;
  2. A one-year membership to the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA - at present, a $65 value);
  3. A one-time $500 departmental allotment in support of the recipient’s advising program, or $1000 credit toward participation in the Annual NACADA Conference (generally held in October of each year).
  4. A third-time recipient of the Community of Advising Excellence Award will be permanently inducted into the prestigious Academy of Advising Excellence, and receive a framed certificate and a permanent 1% increase in base salary.  Members of the Academy of Advising Excellence will be expected to participate in the annual review and selection process of advising award nominations

Due Date:

5:00 PM Friday, November 10, 2017

Questions and comments as well as the completed nomination packets must be submitted to:

Office for Undergraduate Education
College of Agricultural Sciences
ATTN: Tracy Hoover
101 Ag Admin. Bldg.
University Park, PA

Phone: 814-865-7521

PDF, 182.6 KB

This survey, similar to the SRTE you complete at the end of each course to rate your instructors' effectiveness, will be used to determine the effectiveness of your relationship with your assigned academic adviser and what you have learned from advising interactions.