Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-13-2020

@00:01:25 Demo of Cost Objects Dashboard @00:36:00 Shop OnLion: entering GL codes, updating vendor addresses, processing new vendors, direct bills @00:49:00 Labor Distributions processing @00:54:10 Help Request form @01:00:30 Pre-authorized access to Shop OnLion @01:06:45 View status of vendor payment / finding check number @01:11:06 Changing GL codes in Shop OnLion.

GL Transactions Report - Credit Card Income - Zoom Demo 8-17-2020

Zoom recording to document and review a process for reconciling credit card income. This demo covers (1) Filtering on FY, Posting Period, Document Type (Y6) using the Filters at the Top; (2) Column Filtering by including and excluding of Document Header Text, GL Account; (3) Grouping of data by column for a summary view (4) Removing Columns from your report (5) Saving a report for re-use including adding it to your Home Screen as its own tile.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-20-2020

@00:01:00 Purpose of ISR @00:03:45 Updating Vendor Addresses @00:05:40 Demo of Cash Journal Entry @00:49:19 Help Request Form @00:54:31 Journal Entries across Business Areas @00:55:22 Add or Changing Internal Orders @00:58:40 Endowments @01:01:32 Labor Distribution issues @01:10:18 Demo of Labor Distribution transfers @01:22:36 Salary Redistribution spreadsheet form.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-27-2020

@00:00:03 Master Data (Internal Orders) updates @00:03:01 Demo of FM Budget vs Actual by Fund Center and GL Transaction Report @00:44:07 Demo of making a Journal Entry for deposits @01:09:40 Labor distribution approval deadline @01:11:11 Budgeting down to Internal Orders @01:12:50 Grants Management updates.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-2-2020

@00:01:00 Interdepartmental billing: Internal Service Request (ISR) vs Journal Entry (JE) vs Purchasing card (P-card); @00:05:10 Demo of (Free Text) Shopping Cart focusing on important information to provide; @00:26:00 Demo of displaying the PO number of a Shopping Cart; @00:29:35 Demo of Journal Entry (JE) for interdepartmental payments, @00:41:47 Demo of Workflow lookup; @00:48:10 Missing workflow in SAP Concur; @00:50:35 Labor Distribution workflow @00:53:53 Grants Management update: Using the correct IO on grants.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-10-2020

@01:00 Direct billing invoices, Pinnacle (phone bills), @18:00 General Ledger (GL) Account codes, Demo for looking up GL Account codes in GURU @25:10 Grants Management updates @32:50 Upcoming SIMBA Training sessions @34:00 Moving wages through Labor Distribution (LD) @51:08 Looking up GL Account codes @53:00 Endowment Internal Orders (IO) @56:35 Shop OnLion Team carts.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-24-2020

@00:01:08 PO vs non-PO invoice vs Pcard (Payment Decision Matrix in GURU); @00:08:00 Labor Distribution and redistribution approvals, Effort Certifications; @00:22:45 Labor Distribution on wages / payroll transfer demo; @00:45:00 Demo of Grants report; @01:11:00 Demo of changing Document Type in Non-PO Subaward invoices.