Shop OnLion Help Documents on SIMBA website

Link to the Help documents on the SIMBA website for shoppers of Shop OnLion.

Shop OnLion Questions and Answers on SIMBA Website

Microsoft Word

Link to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on the SIMBA website.

Shop OnLion Demo

Zoom recording of a Shop OnLion demonstration presented on 8/5/2020 by Tara Campbell from the SIMBA Team to the Financial Officers and Super Users. Tara discusses the Shop OnLion resources and the shopping process including (1) the 3-step shopping cart wizard and standard shopping cart process, (2) using Lion marketplace, PSU contract, and free text shopping carts, (3) how to get your delivery address on all line items in your header so you don’t have to enter it manually on each line item, (4) how to find all your shopping carts and (5) tips on how to search for a vendor.

PO Change Request

PDF document, 1.2 MB

PDF document of a SIMBA Hands-on Guide about using a shopping cart to process a change request to increase an existing purchase order. The original Word document can be found at (On the PSU SIMBA website, go to Resources > Support Resources > Simulations & Guides > Shopping > PO Change Request)

How to edit a rejected shopping cart

Word 2007 document, 270.5 KB

How to find orders that require a goods confirmation

Word 2007 document, 186.2 KB

How to search by product keyword or category

Word 2007 document, 117.0 KB

How to search for your shopping carts

Word 2007 document, 444.0 KB

How to verify complete delivery address

Word 2007 document, 209.5 KB

How to view the approval process for a shopping cart

Word 2007 document, 156.6 KB