(814) 865-6647

Whitney is responsible for:

  • All WorkDay approvals
  • Limited Pay & Effort functions
  • Commitments:
    • Faculty Startup/Retention/Admin Transition
    • Faculty Interview
  • Position management (including RTF requests)
  • Departmental budget amendment requests
  • Backing up the financial officer for WorkDay (Angie Auman will backup Whitney)

Please send all financial questions and requests (including forms for FO signature, contracts, approvals, PCard questions or requests to increase transaction limits, etc.) to your department's main contact person as listed below.

(814) 865-6636

Angie is responsible for full-time employees' Pay & Effort distributions and salary redistribution in addition to the departments listed below. She will also serve as the back-up to Whitney or the Financial Officer, as needed.

1st Backup:
2nd Backup: Kama Corman

Department Mnemonic / Sub-mnemonic
4-H Youth Development REGADM / CEOSCNT
Animal Science ANSCI
Communications and Marketing AGCOMM
Creamery Operations FOODSCI / CREAM
Extension - Animal Systems REGADM / CEOCAP
Extension - CEO Southeast REGADM/ CEOSE
Extension - EFNEP Administration REGADM / EFNEP
Extension - Food, Family and Health REGADM / CEONE
Extension - Food Safety and Quality REGADM / CEOCENT
Extension - Horticulture REGADM / CEOSW
Food Science FOODSCI
Fruit Research and Extension Center AGSPOP / FREC
Lake Erie Regional Grape Research and Extension Center AGSPOP / LERGREC
Multi-cultural Recruitment and Retention MCRR
Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development NCRD
Pittsburgh Metro Center PGHMET
Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology PPENVMB
Research and Graduate Education AGSPOP
Southeast Ag Research and Extension Center AGSPOP / SEAREC

 (814) 865-6638

1st Backup: Kama Corman
2nd Backup: Angie Auman

Department Mnemonic / Sub-mnemonic
Agricultural and Biological Engineering ABIOENG
Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education AESOCED
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education AGRI
Conferences and Short Courses SHRTCRS
Dean's Office AG
Extension - Agronomy and Natural Resources REGADM / CEOW
Extension - Energy, Entrepreneurship and Community Dev REGADM / CEOSQ
Entomology ENTOM
Farm Operations FARMOP
International Programs INTNLAG
Office of Administrative Services AGADM
Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences VBIOSCI

(814) 865-0613

1st Backup: Angie Auman
2nd Backup:

Department Mnemonic / Sub-mnemonic
Arboretum at Penn State AGARBOR
CEO-Field Operations REGADM / CEOFLD
Cooperative Extension Director's Office REGADM
Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit ECOSCIM / FSHWLDL
Ecosystem Science and Management ECOSCIM
Environment and Natural Resources Institute ENRI
Environmental Resource Management AGERM
Human Resource Services AGOHRSV
Information Technologies AGIT
Pesticide Education Programs PESTED
Plant Science PLNTSCI
Soil Testing SOIL
Turfgrass Technical Program TURFTEC
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