Unofficial Minutes of Annual Meeting - 11/13/2012

Minutes to be approved at 2013 Annual Meeting

Alpha Omicron Chapter

Epsilon Sigma Phi

Minutes of Annual Meeting

November 14, 2012


The meeting was called to order by President, Peter Wulfhorst, at 9:30 AM at the Toftrees Convention center. 


A motion was made by Mandel Smith to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Martha Gregory and carried.


The president recognized members who received recognition and awards at the 2012 National ESP Conference in Mobile, AL.  This included Andrea Bressler who received the northeast region Distinguished Service Award and Nancy Kadwill, recipient of the Angus Professional Development Scholarship.  Nancy used the scholarship towards her expenses for attending the conference.  In addition, life member certificates from national were presented to Andrea Bressler and Debra Gregory.  Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode was not present and will receive her certificate will be delivered at another time.  Nancy Kadwill was also recognized as the new Northeast regional Vice-President.


A monthly treasurer’s report was presented by Patreese Ingram.  The annual report is available.  Carolyn Wissenbach made the motion to accept the monthly report and file the annual report for audit.  Mindy Graver seconded the motion. 


Karen Thomas reported that the following individuals have agreed to have their names submitted to membership on the ballot for election of leadership:  Ann Swinker – President; Jon Laughner – Vice-President; Beth Raney and Jan Cohen – Secretary; and Cathy Bowen – Treasurer.  Nancy Kadwill made a motion to accept the ballot and close nominations.  Motion was seconded by Martha Gregory.  Motion carried.  Members proceeded with election using paper ballots that were provided.  Results were as follows:  Ann Swinker – President; Jon Laughner – Vice-President; Beth Raney  – Secretary; and Cathy Bowen – Treasurer.  Peter Wulfhorst will serve on the board as past-president. 


Peter recognized the members of our chapter serving on national committees in 2012 and they were given the opportunity to provide a brief report.  They were:  Nancy Kadwill – Global Relations; Debra Gregory – Scholarships, Grants and Recognition; Mandel Smith and Beth Raney – Professional Development; Karen Vines – Public Issues; Patricia Powley – Membership, Recruitment and Retention and Jan Scholl – History Ad Hoc.  Members were encouraged to consider serving on a national committee to receive the benefits of networking with national colleagues.  A $200 stipend is provided for individuals serving on national committees that attend the national meeting.


Standing committees provided reports:

·         Stacie Hritz, Annual Meeting Committee, was recognized for her contributions as committee chair.

·         Carolyn Wissenbach, Membership and Initiation, reported that it is time to renew membership.  Renewal is $60.  There are currently 42 currently employed and 91 life members.  We need to recruit more currently employed members.  There is a list of members on the website, but it is in the process of revision.

·         Mindy Graver, Chapter and Career Awards, thanked everyone for their submissions. 

·         Nancy Wiker, Recognition on Retirement, reported that seven members retired during the past year – Andrea Bressler, Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode, Jane Landis, Mike McDavid, Dawn Olson, Debra Gregory and Ed Horning.  Andrea, Mary Jo and Debra became life members.  Dawn and Jane contributed their retirement gift to the JCEP scholarship fund.

·         Brenda Bernatowicz, Scholarships and Loans, encouraged members to apply for scholarships.  She expressed appreciation to Dawn and Jane for their retirement contributions. 

·         Peter Wulfhorst, Sympathy and Memorial, provided opportunity for members to provide tribute to members lost during the past year – Harold Ott, Glenn Ellenberger, and Tamazine (Tammy) Kinneman. 

·         Guy Temple, Ad Hoc Historical Committee Chair, suggested individuals visit with their local libraries to see if they might be interested in having a copy of the “Extension Memories of the 20th Century.”  He said the book is available in Union County and is used regularly.  He also shared that there are currently approximately 200 copies remaining in Ag Publications.  The group discussed a new order and decided to watch inventory and assess at a later date.  Guy also requested feedback related to Extension Extended.  Discussion revolved around posting the newsletter on a website.  Karen Vines reminded the group that a previous board had considered this option but determined that there is too much personal information shared in the newsletter that should not be shared with the general public.  Guy said that there are approximately 200 recipients of the newsletter each year and that roughly 50% submit reports.  Keeping addresses, especially for those who relocate during winter months, is particularly challenging.


Nancy Kadwill provided a report as National Northeast Region Vice President.  The Washington DC chapter has been resurrected and there are individual members in the New England States.  Nancy is working with these as well as our more active states.  She shared that the board is discussing a change in how the second Vice-President is selected.  She also encouraged submissions for presentations and posters at Galaxy.  She shared that the northeast will be responsible for hosting the national ESP meeting in 2016 so membership should begin considering possibilities.  The meeting in 2014 is in Indianapolis, IN and in 2015 is in Idaho.  She concluded by recognizing Peter for his leadership as chapter president and presenting him with a plague signed by membership that was present for his personal collection and an engraved gavel to be utilized by the chapter.


Patreese Ingram presented the 2013 proposed budget.  After discussion Nancy Kadwill made the motion to approve the budget, seconded by Marilyn Corbin.  Motion carried.


Carolyn Wissenbach encouraged membership to assist in recruiting sponsors for Galaxy IV.


Mindy Graver presented the Chapter and Career Awards.  Recipients were:  Mary Lou Keel, nominated by Elise Gurgevich  - Rookie Award; Jill Cox, diabetes program team – Early Career Award; Ann Swinker, student trip and program in France – International Service Award; and Mindy Graver, Better Kid Care – Diversiy/Multi-Cultural Award.  The Distinguished Service Award and Friend of Extension Award were presented at the banquet to Martha Gregory and Congressman Glenn Thompson.


Brenda Bernatowicz presented the ESP Forgivable Loan to Stacie Hritz for use in completing her Masters program in Agriculture Education.  The JCEP Scholarship was presented at the banquet to Suzanne Weltman for use towards her Masters of Liberal Arts degree in Food Anthropology. 


Carolyn Wissenbach provided initiation for our newest member, Suzanne Weltman.


Martha Gregory installed the newly elected officers, followed by a unison reading of the Extension Professional’s Creed.


The meeting adjourned.  Patreese Ingram provided professional improvement through her presentation “Speaking Up to Stereotypes Without Blame or Guilt” over lunch.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Vines