November 5, 2009 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Alpha Omicron Chapter was called to order by President Vicki Lewis at 10:00 AM on November 5, 2009 at the Holiday Inn, Grantville, PA. 35 members were in attendance.

Secretary's Report- Martha Gregory -- The minutes of the 2008 annual meeting were approved as printed. (motion- Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode, second- Christy Bartley)

President's Report- Vicki Lewis- Vicki shared an update on the national meeting in Fargo, North Dakota.

Treasurer's Report- Tom Walker Checking Balance= $2,773.16; Savings Balance= $5,411.95; Investment Funds $11,428.90
Tom presented the proposed budget for FY2010 See attached. Robyn Kuleck will audit the financial records. The treasurer's report was filed for audit. (motion- Mary Alice Gettings, second- Gregory Martin)

Tom moved that the new member dues be increased to $45 to correspond with the current amount charged by national; seconded by Beth Raney. Following discussion the motion was amended as follows "New member dues will reflect the amount assessed nationally." Motion carried as amended. This change in dues will become effective for 2011.

Nominating Committee Report- Mike McDavid The following slate of officers was presented: President- Nancy Kadwill; Vice-President- Martha Gregory; Secretary- Peter Wulfhorst; Treasurer- Tom Walker; Past-President- Vicki Lewis. There were no nominations from the floor and it was m/s/passed to cast a unanimous ballot.

Recognition of National Committee Members- Past-President Karen Vines; Recognition and appreciation were extended to the following members who served as representatives on national ESP committees: Jan Scholl for Global Relations; Jeff Meyers for Marketing; Debra Gregory and Patricia Powley for Member Services; Peg Shuffstall on Member Recruitment; and Karen Vines for Professional Development.
Jeff Myers shared a copy of the national ESP Communique' which included tips on using the updated national website. Debbie Gregory highlighted several national award opportunities and encouraged members to apply.

Committee Reports:
Annual Meeting - Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode; Mary Jo thanked the members of the committee Jeff Myers, Mandel Smith, Lori Hansroth, and Beth Raney.

Constitution and By-Laws - Karen Vines; Vicki Lewis will be the 2010 committee co-chair.

National Endowment Fund- Jeff Myers; Neal Vines will be the 2010 committee chair. The Alpha Omicron chapter ranked first nationally in contributions to the national endowment. Over $10,000 has been contributed with $17,000 received back in awards by the membership.

Audit Committee- Robin Kuleck completed the audit of financial records for the previous year and found them correct as presented.

Membership Committee- Peter Wulforst Members are encouraged to pay their dues by the January 5, 2010 deadline. Encourage coworkers to join or renew their memberships. The committee needs to identify a chair for 2010 and Carolyn Wissenbach will co-chair.

Chapter & Career Awards- Debbie Gregory commended the membership on the quality of applications submitted for awards. Members were reminded that you must be an ESP member for at least 2 years to be eligible for national award recognition.

Extension Relations & Leadership- Ann Swinker This year the only entries received were for the Friend of Extension award which will be presented at the JCEP banquet later this evening. Members are encouraged to submit more applications next year.

Global Relations/ Scholarship & Loans/ Sympathy & Memorial/ Historical/ National Endowment/ Professional Development- see attached reports

Awards Presentations- Debbie Gregory announced the 2009 Chapter Awards and will forward winners on to the national level.

  • Team Recognition Award: "Good Decisions for Your Financial Future" - Jane Landis, Cathy Bowen, Robin Kuleck, Janice Stoudnour, Carolyn Wissenbach, Robert Thee, and Sherry Crum
  • Early Career Award: Robert Goodling, Lebanon County
  • Mid-Career Award: Mary Alice Gettings, Beaver County
  • DSA Award: Claudia Mincemoyer, Dept. of Ag & Extension Education
  • Rookie Award: Rebecca Villegas, Montgomery County

Scholarship & Loan Presentations- Elise Gurgevich
ESP Forgivable Loan: Andrea Bressler; Andrea plans to use the funding to complete certification as a Senior Instructor for the Strong Women Program.

JCEP Scholarship: Ruth Benner

Installation of New Members- Peter Wulfhorst installed the following new members:
" Lori Hansroth, Fulton County
" Linda Wiles, Monroe County

Vicki Lewis installed the new officers Nancy Kadwill, Martha Gregory, Peter Wulfhorst, and Tom Walker.

Vicki Lewis challenged the membership to support the 2011 ESP national meeting planning process. Mary Jo Depp-Nestlerode recommended that the membership be notified of conference leadership needs following the November conference call. Vicki closed the meeting by leading the membership in the Extension Professional's Creed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Gregory, Secretary

Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Omicron Chapter
Committee Reports 2009 (as of 11/02/09)
Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee of the Alpha Omicron Chapter, Epsilon Sigma Phi consisting of Mike McDavid, Karen Thomas, Karen Vines, and Cathy Bowen, worked in concert during this past year to develop a diverse, professional and well-qualified slate of officers for 2010.
The following slate of officers for 2010 is presented to provide their expertise and counsel in the positions indicated:

  • President: Nancy Kadwill, Agriculture and 4-H Youth Development Educator in Montgomery County.
  • Vice President: Martha Gregory, 4-H Youth Development Educator in Lebanon County.
  • Secretary: Peter Wulfhorst, Community & Economic Development Educator, Pike County.
  • Treasurer: Tom Walker, Agriculture Educator, and County Extension Director for Juniata and Mifflin Counties.
  • Mike McDavid, Chair
    Sympathy and Memorial Committee
    Memorial Service will be held at the annual meeting to honor the following members lost in 2009: James Bochy, Vernon Brose, E.V. Chadwick, Margaret Haines, Paul Rothrock, William Smith, Jr, Roy F. Snyder
    Respectfully submitted,
    Elise Gurgevich, Chair
    Historical (ad hoc) Committee
    Thanks to the committee, and a lot of help from the University, the "Extension Memories of the 20th Century" is completed and on sale at the Ag Publications office. I haven't had word on how many have been sold, but when I was in two months ago, the staff indicated that they were slowly being purchased.
    I have had several people ask me when we are going to publish a second edition, because they didn't get their story in this one! (Editor's note: at Guy's suggestion we did discuss this and the board felt more time needed to go by until we published another version).
    Guy Temple, Chair
    National Endowment Ad Hoc Committee by Jeff Myers
    The JCEP Silent Auction is the major organizational thrust with which the Alpha Omicron Chapter contributes to the National Endowment Fund. The National Fund is still over $100,000 away from its $500,000 goal. Last year our Silent Auction netted $516 towards the National Endowment.
    You should be proud to know that the Alpha Omicron Chapter ranks first nationally in the number of Endowment Donors at 61! We rank 5th in total dollars contributed at $10,069. While there are several states that are not too far ahead of us, Maryland leads with an Endowment contribution of $51,306. While Pennsylvania has contributed over $10,000 it is significant to note that our membership has received over $17,000 in reimbursements for scholarships, national committee membership, concurrent session presenters and mini-grants from National ESP.
    Please consider contributing to the National ESP Endowment through a Charitable Gift, Gifts of Stock or Life Insurance, or as a Bequest in Will. If you need additional information visit the ESP Website at: or contact the National ESP Office: Bob Ohlensehlen, 450 Falls Avenue Suite 106, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (phone 208-736-4495). Neal Vines will be in-coming chair.
    From the National Marketing Committee - by Jeff Myer National ESP has a new website…..and if you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time!
    Yes, there is a new website! When you get to the site you will see a sharper, more updated look. It is the perfect resource for 'one stop shopping' for Epsilon Sigma Phi information! User friendly was one of our goals… will hopefully find it easier to navigate and quickly find all your information. The new website will ease the submission of forms and applications. With the click of a button forms will be submitted and an electronic response that your submission has been received will be returned to you. State Chapter officers will find that the new website will facilitate them in their leadership roles with the ESP calendar, as well as the information which needs to be filed with the National Office.
    Hear what Sandy Corridon, National ESP President has to say. "The new website could be the perfect presentation tool for Chapter Meetings - just mention something from ESP - click and you're there - want to share Benefits of Membership/ Want to encourage submission of Awards/ Want to Apply for a National Committee - the ESP Website has easy to use, a snap to navigate drop down menus to just click and go. The more I use it the MORE Proud I am of the ESP Marketing Committee AND appreciative I am of our new ESP Executive Director!!!"
    The best way to find out what the website has to offer is to check it out for yourself. Depending on when you read this article, you will either go directly to the new website, or if you are directed to the old website, you will need to click on: Proposed New Look To ESP Web Site (check it out ). You can reach the National ESP website at:
    Professional Development Committee
    We do not have a report due to the change of annual meeting scheduling and time factor involved for the day.
    Jane Landis, Chair
    ESP Global Relations Committee Report

The Global Relations Committee works to support international work of ESP members and the extension system. It builds the capacity of extension professionals to help local people better understand their communities in a global context.

Addressing these goals, the year began with the "International Travel with PSU - Have an Impact Abroad and at Home" session during March In-Service. Nancy Crago spoke on the Poland experiences and how to organize an international study tour. Matt Kaplan shared various study tour opportunities in Europe. Fran Alloway spoke on partnering with faculty and presenting at a conference in Manchester, UK; as well as her trip to Kenya. Lynn James reported on a Guatemala medical trip and using her professional skills outside of the job. Jan Scholl introduced writing a curriculum in another country and ways to be internationally involved in your own home. Patreese Ingram presented on various recent trips. Beth Van Horn spoke on trips to Ireland and Amsterdam, studying food safety and child care. Andrea Bressler spoke on participation in a Japanese conference and ways to share an international experience back home. Various funding sources were also discussed. In-Service evaluations showed the workshop provided valuable knowledge and increased interest in international travel.

An email requesting information on international opportunities/travel was sent to members. Responses included:

  • Kristy Myers, 4-H Youth Development Educator/Coordinator in Dauphin County submitted: One of my 4-H volunteer leaders, Ellen Brubaker, and myself travelled to Poland to meet with the Polish 4-H Foundation regarding the possibility of an international 4-H youth exchange, as well as to learn a little about Polish culture. Ellen leads our Dauphin County Exchange Club and we would like to expand from doing inter-state to international exchanges. We travelled with Dr. Lou Moore and Dr. Jim Dunn to Rzeszow where we attended an agricultural economics conference and spoke with local 4-H staff. We then travelled to Warsaw where we were able to meet with agricultural staff at the American Embassy. We also had the chance to present at and participate in a 4-H leader conference hosted by the Polish 4-H Foundation. Finally, we met with the director of the Polish 4-H Foundation to discuss youth exchange possibilities. We had a very favorable response and both sides are looking into funding sources to support such a youth exchange. Additionally, the 4-H Foundation requested that we consider travelling to Poland again to present 4-H leadership training to their 4-H staff.
  • Audrey Maretzki, Emeritus Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, and Edward Mills, Associate Professor of Dairy and Animal Sciences, traveled to Kenya to assess the feasibility of establishing community-based nutri-businesses to process and market shelf-stable, meat-containing foods in rural Kenya.
  • Penn State's Department of Dairy and Animal Science's Dairy Alliance is exporting their dairy advisory team concept to dairy farmers in the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal. In June, Lisa Holden, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Dairy and Animal Science, and N. Alan Bair, Director of Dairy Industry Relations, spent four days training dairy farmers and industry leaders on the Islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira in the organization and implementation of dairy advisory teams.
  • Yvonne Szpara, Family and Consumer Science Educator in Schuylkill County, visited the Slovak Republic and Hungary for genealogical research. She will incorporate various portions of this cultural experience into future diversity education programs.
    In celebrating the 75th Anniversary of NEAFCS, each state prepared historically significant summaries. The ad hoc Historical committee of PEAFCS included the early history of the Polish Exchange and how it affected later travel by Penn State Extension members. Nancy Crago led this initiative, which included seven exchange opportunities.

Feel free to contact any of the individuals mentioned above for specifics on their international opportunity and source of funding.

Global Relations Committee: Daney Jackson, Jan Scholl, Ron Taverno, and Andrea Bressler.

Andrea Bressler, Chair

Compiled by Nancy Kadwill, Vice-President, ESP