March 23, 2010 Board Meeting

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi Board conducted a Conference Call meeting on March 23, 2010.

Attendance:  Vicki Lewis, Nancy Kadwill, Martha Gregory, Tom Walker, Peter Wulfhorst

The conference call was called to order by President, Nancy Kadwill at 1:30 PM.

Secretary’s Report – Peter Wulfhorst

Peter has received no correspondence to date.  The deadline for the Spring Newsletter will be April 30, 2010. The deadline for the fall newsletter will be August 31, 2010. A message will be sent to ESP committees asking for articles for the next newsletter. A suggested article is announcing Jeff Myers as a Regional Director for ESP national.

Past President’s Comments – Vicki will provide comments as relevant under the agenda items.

Treasurer’s Report – Tom Walker

Balances as of (02/25/10):  Checking = $3,350.68; Savings = $5,417.82; Investments= $12,071.96

Tom informed the Board that the ESP funds have been decreasing of the last couple of years due to declining membership in ESP. Vicki Lewis made a motion and seconded by Martha Gregory to file for audit.

Vice President’s Report – Martha Gregory

Martha reported that all committees have chairs and chair elects except the Recognition & Retirement committee. Martha asked about the membership status of some committee members. Several committee members didn’t renew for 2010. Some of the committees have very few members while other committees have sufficient members. ESP members need to step up to leadership with regard to committee responsibilities. One person who didn’t renew his ESP membership was Interim Extension Director Dennis Calvin. Peter will contact Dennis to encourage to join ESP for 2010. Nancy will contact ESP National to see if a member pays their dues after the January 31 membership deadline to ESP national, will they be able to participate in Chapter events.

President’s Report – Nancy Kadwill

Nancy attended the recent JCEP meeting in Nashville where all Extension organizations were represented. All ESP Chapter awards were submitted to National. The ESP 2010 national meeting will take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in October. Nancy & Martha will attend as well as possibly Vicki. The ESP PA chapter has one voting member and Nancy will be the voting member. In the 2010 ESP Chapter budget, there are funds allotted for attendance to the ESP National meeting.

 Old Business:

Nancy is planning on attending the PILD conference and is waiting to hear whether she will receive a scholarship from ESP to assist in her expenses. Nancy doesn’t know who will also be attending the PILD conference from University Park.

There was discussion on whether to update the ESP Chapter website or use sharepoint to provide ESP Chapter information amongst the Board and committees. For retired ESP members who don’t have an extension e-mail, they would need to get a Friends of Penn State account to access sharepoint. Other ESP state chapters can’t access sharepoint and in that case an ESP PA website would be useful for them. In the past, Karen Vines has indicated that we could have one or two things updated annually on the website and the rest of the information would be on a sharepoint site. Nancy will talk to Karen about setting up a ESP PA sharepoint site and a new website template.

New Business:

2010 ESP Chapter meetings:  The following dates and times will be the ESP Chapter Board meetings: April 21 – 1:30 – 3:30 PM, June 16 – 10 AM – 12 Noon, August 31 – 1:30 – 3:30 PM and September 27 – 1:30 – 3:30 PM. Peter will set up these meetings via conference call.

The ESP national award submission process is now on-line including scholarship applications and Nancy encouraged the Board to look at the information. There was a discussion of combining the ESP Chapter & Career Awards committee and the Extension Relations committee for the Chapter. These two committees could be a natural fit. Many of the committees are in need of additional members since our membership numbers are low. Martha will talk to Ann Swinker, Extension Relations Chair about merging that committee with the Chapter & Career Awards committee.

The Award deadlines were tentatively set as September 15. Martha will contact the chairs of the following committees: Global Relation, Chapter & Career Awards, Extension Relations and Scholarship & Loan to see if this deadline is agreeable with them.

Jeff Myers was elected at the JCEP meeting in Nashville a Regional Director for ESP National. Jeff has requested that we assist in his expenses for attending the meeting. Motion by Vicki Lewis and seconded by Peter Wulfhorst to pay $150 towards Jeff Myers expenses for attending the JCEP meeting. Since the ESP Chapter had only Board member attend the meeting in Nashville, then half of the ESP national allocation will be put towards Jeff’s expenses for attending.

If anybody is interested in serving on an ESP National committee, the deadline is April 1.

The 2010 PA JCEP meeting is scheduled for November 3 & 4 at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona. A group has been meeting to plan the event. The next conference call for the planning group is April 5. ESP will be have Association meeting and Brunch on November 3. There are two scheduled break-out sessions on November 4. This is an opportunity for ESP to provide professional development sessions for both ESP and non-ESP Extension staff.

Other- The ESP 2011 national meeting is in Syracuse, New York. The ESP Chapter has been asked to consider being involved in either the hospitality or decorations committee.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20PM


Peter Wulfhorst

ESP Secretary