June 16, 2010 Board Meeting

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi conducted a Conference call Board meeting on June 16, 2010

Attendance:  Vicki Lewis, Nancy Kadwill, Martha Gregory, Tom Walker, Peter Wulfhorst, Ann Swinker, Debra Gregory

The conference call was called to order by President, Nancy Kadwill at 10:05 AM

Minutes – A motion was made by Tom Walker and seconded by Martha Gregory to approve the April 21, 2010 Board minutes. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report – Peter Wulfhorst                                                                      

Peter informed the Board that he had previously sent out the 2010 spring newsletter via the ESP list serve. Peter inquired about sending out a copy via the US mail to those life members who aren’t on the ESP list serve. Martha informed Peter that she had provided him a mailing list of ESP life members and that the Chapter would provide Peter reimbursement for mailing the newsletter. Peter will take care of this week.

Treasurer’s Report – Tom Walker

Balances as of (05/25/10):  Checking = $2,637.01; Savings = $5,422.08; Investments= $11,982.20                     A motion was made by Peter Wulfhorst and seconded by Martha Gregory to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Vice President’s Report – Martha Gregory

Martha will be looking for chair elects for those committees that currently do not have one. In addition, Martha will draft a by-law amendment to combine the Career & Chapter Awards and Extension & Leadership Awards committees. The Committee chairs will be asked to post information about their respective committees on the ESP website. 

Committee Chair reports

There was a discussion with Ann & Debra about the 2010 Awards. A deadline of September 27 was set for both award categories. Ann & Debra will be sending out information pertaining to the awards. It was suggested that an awards and scholarship/loan fact sheet be developed that can be placed on the ESP website and sent to ESP members. The Board can assist the awards committees in encouraging award applications are submitted. Peter discussed the interest by the Professional Development Chair-elect Joann Kowalski in having the Professional Development be more active. There was discussion on how the Professional Development committee, chaired by Jane Landis, can participate in the ESP Annual Meeting on November 3. Martha will contact Jane to suggest that the committee consider a 20 minute presentation on management/entrepreneurship in keeping with the theme of the Extension Annual Conference or have an icebreaker/getting to know each other activity at the beginning of the annual meeting.

Old Business:

Nancy reported that ESP Alpha Omicron award winners were nominated for ESP National Awards. Judy Dodd – Friends of Extension Award, Mary Alice Gettings, Mid-Career Award and Robert Goodling, Early Career Award were all selected as ESP National Award winners.

Galaxy Update- The 2013 Galaxy event will take place in Pittsburgh, PA. They JCEP group will be needing national chairs for the event, but Nancy has not heard from JCEP concerning this request.

Extension Annual Conference - The ESP annual meeting will take place on November 3 as part of the Extension Annual Conference – November 3-5. The menu for the ESP annual meeting will be a hot breakfast, which cost ESP $12-13/person. Debra will provide Nancy a copy of the 2009 Annual Meeting program brochure to assist in the development of the 2010 meeting. The format will be breakfast followed by the business meeting, award recognition and new member initiation and possibly professional development activity. With regard to the auction conducted at the JCEP banquet, Nancy will see if Jeff Myers can represent ESP again. Since Nancy will be unable to attend the banquet, Debra & Ann will represent ESP for the awards ceremony.

Peter and Martha will participate with Karen Vines and Peg Shuffstall in learning about the new ESP Alpha Omicron website on July 6. The website needs to have the 2010 members list as well as information on the ESP national award recipients.

New Business

Nancy informed the Board that the ESP national website has information on mini grants for professional development for both individuals and groups. The deadline is August 1. Nancy will send out information to members.

Nancy, Martha & Debra will be attending the ESP national meeting in October. Other possible attendees are Jeff Myers, Robert Goodling and Mary Alice Gettings.

Peter will be providing Membership/Initiation Committee Chair Nancy Stevens will membership information. The ESP Board and committee members need to recruit new members as well as retain existing members.

Several ESP Alpha Omicron Chapter members were selected to ESP national committees. These include Debra Gregory to National Marketing Committee, Nancy Kadwill to Global Relations Committee and Jeff Myers as Chair of the Resource Development Committee and member of Chapter Relations Committee.

The next meeting date is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31 at 10 AM via conference call.

 Meeting adjourned at 2:30PM

Sincerely, Peter Wulfhorst, ESP Secretary