August 31, 2010 Board Meeting

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi Board conducted a Conference Call meeting on August 31, 2010.

Attendance:  Vicki Lewis, Nancy Kadwill, Martha Gregory, Tom Walker, Peter Wulfhorst, Ann Swinker, Mike McDavid, Nancy Stevens, Jane Landis, Elise Gurgevich, Mandel Smith, Karen Vines

The conference call was called to order by President, Nancy Kadwill at 10:05 AM

Minutes – A motion was made by Tom Walker and seconded by Martha Gregory to approve the April 21, 2010 Board minutes. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report – Peter Wulfhorst                                                                      

Peter informed the Board that he is preparing the Fall newsletter and is looking for additional articles. 

Treasurer’s Report – Tom Walker

Balances as of (05/25/10):  Checking = $2,446.75; Savings = $5,425.46; Investments= $10,931.07                    A motion was made by Vicki Lewis and seconded by Martha Gregory to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Annual Meeting – Nancy Kadwill

Nancy asked Mandel, Annual Meeting committee chair, to provide an update. Mandel informed the Board that the menu has changed from a breakfast to a lunch without any additional costs. The lunch would be served at 12 Noon and meeting will begin at 10 AM on Wednesday, November 3. The Annual Meeting committee will be meeting via conference call in September to discuss the annual meeting

Nancy discussed the 2009 Annual Meeting agenda to provide information for the 2010 Annual Meeting. There will be a President’s report, Treasurer’s report, recognition of current ESP National Committee members, Reports from Committee Chairs (with those outgoing chairs introducing incoming chairs as part of the report), Recognition of Award Recipients, Initiation of new members and Installation of Chapter Officers.

There was discussion regarding Sympathy/Memorial committee and remembering those ESP members who have passed away since the 2009 Annual Meeting. Elise Gurgevich, Chair of the Sympathy/Memorial committee will be asked to include an article in the upcoming newsletter asking for current ESP members to provide names of recently deceased ESP members.

There is also a need for auction items from ESP for the Joint JCEP banquet on November 4. There will be an article in the upcoming newsletter asking for donations.

Jane Landis, Professional Development committee chair, provided an update on a fun-loving program the committee will be having at the Annual Meeting. Jane will provide a title to Mandel Smith for the meeting brochure. In addition, ESP will be providing $500 towards the cost of having a major speaker at the Extension Annual Meeting.

Mike McDavid, Nominating Committee chair, provided the names of the officers being nominated at the Annual Meeting. These include Martha Gregory, President, Peter Wulfhorst Vice-President, Secretary – open and Robin Kuleck, Treasurer. The committee is currently in need of a Secretary nominee. Karen Thomas will be the new Committee Chair.

Nancy Stevens provided an update on Membership. There is a need to increase our membership for 2011. Nancy will provide a newsletter article identifying potential new ESP members and ask current ESP members to encourage those individuals and other non-ESP members to join ESP.

There was a discussion concerning ESP life members. Marilyn Furry retired in early 2010 and the ESP chapter provided $90 towards Marilyn’s life member dues of $200. Nancy Crago recently retired and is requesting that the ESP Chapter pay for part of her life dues. In the future, there could be additional ESP retirees and we need to consider our finances with regard to paying for part of the life member dues.

National Meeting

About 9 ESP PA members will be attending the National Meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In addition, the Friend of Extension award recipient Judy Dodd and her husband will be attending the meeting. Nancy will provide flowers for the Friend of Extension award recipient Judy Dodd. Nancy has offered her hotel room for a PA Hospitality get together since no state ESP chapters will be having such an event.

In addition, the 2011 ESP Annual Meeting will be in Syracuse, New York and the PA Chapter has agreed to chair the Decorations committee.

ESP website

Some of the ESP board participated in an adobe connect meeting with Peg Shuffstall and Karen Vines regarding the new ESP website. Peter provided the board and committee chairs the url for the new website. All information at this point hasn’t been transferred from the old website to the new website. It was suggested that there be an article in the next newsletter informing members of the new website. There will be an adobe connect training for the ESP website on Monday, September 27 at 2:30. Important information that should be on the website is annual meeting information, minutes of past ESP meetings, committee chair assignments and past scholarship/award recipients.

ESP newsletter

Peter is in need of additional articles and would like to have a draft by September 3 with distribution of the newsletter by September 15.

The next meeting date is scheduled for Monday, September 27 at 1:30 PM via conference call.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15PM

Sincerely, Peter Wulfhorst, ESP Secretary