April 21, 2010 Board Meeting

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi conducted a Conference call Board meeting on April 21, 2010

Attendance:  Vicki Lewis, Nancy Kadwill, Martha Gregory, Tom Walker, Peter Wulfhorst

The conference call was called to order by President, Nancy Kadwill at 1:30 PM.

Minutes – A motion was made by Martha Gregory and seconded by Vicki Lewis to approve the March 23, 2010 Board minutes. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report – Peter Wulfhorst

Peter informed the Board that he is working on a spring newsletter that would be in a pdf document. He still needs articles for the newsletter, which would be either 4 or 6 pages in length. Peter will send another reminder from committee chairs for articles.

Treasurer’s Report – Tom Walker

Balances as of (02/25/10):  Checking = $2,947.69; Savings = $5,417.82; Investments= $11,982.20                     A motion was made by Peter Wulfhorst and seconded by Martha Gregory to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Vice President’s Report – Martha Gregory

Martha provided an updated committee list to the Board prior to the conference call. The only update to the list is that Sandra Hall has accepted the Recognition on Retirement committee chair. Martha also informed the Board that Marilyn Furry will be retiring from Cooperative Extension. Martha has contacted Marilyn to see whether she would like to become an ESP life member. ESP – Alpha Omicron Chapter would provide $90 towards the $200 current life member dues if she decides to become a life member of ESP. In lieu of becoming an ESP life member, Marilyn could receive a Nittany Life statue or donate $90 towards an ESP scholarship in her name. Marilyn will be contacting Martha about her plans.

Past President Report – Vicki Lewis

Vicki has nothing to report at this time.

President’s Report – Nancy Kadwill

Nancy will be attending the Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) conference from April 26-28. A delegation from Penn State University – Main campus or Extension volunteers will not be attending the PILD conference this year. Since Penn State University will not be attending, no legislative visits have been arranged. Nancy and others will be attending as representatives from associations (ESP, NAFCS, NAE4-HA), not as representatives of Penn State Cooperative Extension. Since Penn State is not sending representatives to the conference, we need to evaluate whether it is worth attending in the future.

 Old Business:

Nancy still needs to submit her expenses from the February JCEP meeting in Nashville, Tennessee that she attended.

Nancy has received word that she will be receiving a scholarship from ESP to assist in her expenses in attending the PILD conference.

Nancy would like Executive committee members to provide her their rankings for the ESP national/regional award nominees so a ballot from the PA Chapter can be cast.

Nancy discussed whether ESP should have a website in the future or utilize a Penn State sharepoint site to communicate with ESP members and others. The ESP Board is in concurrence that ESP should have a website and utilize a sharepoint site for sharing information internally.

Nancy informed the Board that there is somebody at her office that can keep the ESP – Alpha Omicron Chapter website updated. Nancy will check with Karen Vines to see if Karen is okay with having a support staff from Nancy’s office updating the website.

Some of the items that should be included on the existing website are membership list, committee list and Annual meeting minutes.

An ESP sharepoint site is not a public domain site and requires a PSU access account. Since in the future ESP funds might not be needed to support updating the website, discussion needs to take place amongst the members at the Annual Meeting whether finances should be budgeted to pay for this or form an ad-hoc committee of ESP members willing to help keep the ESP website updated.

All ESP business will take place during the ESP Annual Meeting on November 3 at the Extension Annual Conference. Dwayne Hay will send menu choices for ESP brunch. The PA County Agricultural Agents association will be committing money for professional development sessions at the Extension Annual Conference. ESP will provide up to $500 as well for professional development sessions also.

The Northeast Region of ESP will be hosting the 2011 ESP National Conference in October 2011 in Syracuse, New York. The ESP - PA Chapter will not commit at this time to chair a committee for the 2011 ESP Annual Conference. Instead, ESP – PA Chapter will encourage ESP members to assist standing committees for the ESP Annual Conference.

No Galaxy 2013 updates at this time.

Peter is still in need of articles for the spring newsletter.

New Business:

Martha discussed with Ann Swinker, Chair – Extension Relations & Leadership Awards committee the possibility of combining the Extension Relations & Leadership Awards committee with the Chapter & Career Awards committee. Ann had no problem with this as did Debra Gregory, Chair of the Chapter & Career Awards committee. In order for this to happen, the ESP – PA Chapter by-laws would have to be changed and approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting in November. Martha will draft a by-law amendment.

The next meeting date is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16 at 10 AM via conference call.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30PM


Peter Wulfhorst

ESP Secretary