Why Major in ERM?

Are you looking for a major with meaning? As an ERM major in the Penn State College of Ag Sciences, you can study how to protect our environment and find sustainable solutions to natural resource issues.

In the Environmental Resource Management Program, our students learn about pollution control, soil conservation, water resource protection, and more. Increasingly, these issues are becoming serious causes for concern around the world, making our graduates in high demand. Our students develop the tools necessary to tackle these problems and excel in their careers as environmental professionals.

You may be interested in the ERM major if you want to...

  • Develop and apply science-based solutions to issues regarding environmental protection
  • Resolve conflicting issues concerning sustainable management of natural resources
  • Have the flexibility to specialize in one area of the environment
  • Experience hands-on learning in field and lab-based courses
  • Participate in internship, independent study, and international opportunities
  • Pursue graduate or professional degrees after completing the ERM major
  • Enjoy your conservation, restoration, pollution prevention, remediation, and more!


"The Environmental Resource Management program is perfect for anyone interested in environmental sciences. It is a very well rounded major, which offers courses in all aspects of the field, water, soil, toxicology, ecology, agricultural systems, and many others. Due to the variety of courses in the program I was able to gain knowledge, skills, and interests in several environmental disciplines, which has improved my resume and made me more marketable in the job world."

"After graduation, due to my experience with the SCA I was able to secure a job with the National Park Service (NPS) as an Interpretation Park Ranger in Yosemite National Park, CA for two seasons. Also, the semester following graduation I applied to and was accepted into the Environmental Pollution Control M.S. program at Penn State...Graduating as an ERM student lead me to an amazing job with the NPS and an opportunity to further my education; I could not have asked for more."

~Sabrina Chrzanowski