Integrated Organic Farm By Colin Coppola

Today we took the bus to get breakfast at the cafeteria on the Earth University Campus. The food there is great at every meal.

The first visit of the day we went to an integrated organic dairy farm. It is integrated because it considers the “full spectrum” of farming and has unique ways to re-use outputs like animal waste and inputs that are common and natural in the tropics like catching rain and filtering it through tubes to where it is needed. We learned about effective microorganisms that are used with the animal manure to turn harmful pollutants (ammonia) into protein faster than the pollutants can escape into the air. This not only recycles manure for potent fertilizer, but also reduces air pollution and completely (or almost) eliminates odor. It is pretty amazing and was organic too. Walking to the bio-digesters we saw a caiman, which is a small version of a crocodile. The bio-digesters anaerobically capture methane gas from the manure and store it in large plastic bags, using it to power the farm. The farm was pretty impressive and I loved learning these things that most U.S. farmers don’t know.