The ERM academic adviser is committed to providing students with individual advising and guidance.
  • Academic Advising Coordinator, Environmental Resource Management
  • Course Instructor, ERM Program


Students are responsible for developing and implementing their academic plan in conjunction with an ERM adviser. Your adviser can be an invaluable resource, mentor and friend. Students are encouraged to meet with an ERM adviser on a regular basis (at least once a semester).

Students should make advising appointments:

  • At least once a semester, approximately one week prior to your scheduling date
  • If you are considering dropping a course, switching majors, or having difficulty with a class
  • Anytime you need to discuss anything related to scholarships, internships, careers, resumes, personal issues
  • If you have questions or concerns about academic policies or procedures
  • If your Academic Review indicates you need to make an appointment with an adviser (an Academic Review is the evaluation of your plans, grades, and upcoming schedule sent via e-mail before the start of each semester)

Students can make advising appointments several ways:


  • Email is the most effective way to set up an appointment. Your adviser’s e-mail is located in “Adviser Information” on LionPATH – always use and check your PSU e-mail account.
  • Put your full name and reason for e-mail in the subject line of your e-mail.
  • Quick questions may be answered easily via e-mail.
  • Always expect a reply, but not necessarily an immediate one.


  • You may also call the ERM office to set up an appointment.
  • Quick questions may also be answered easily via phone.


  • You may also ‘drop-in’ to the ERM offices, but there is no guarantee that an adviser will be available to meet with you right away. Feel free to leave a note on the marker boards outside rooms 119A or 119B if the doors are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my adviser?

  • Your adviser will be listed on LionPATH. Log into LionPATH and then select “Adviser Information” from the left navigation pane.
  • If you are not an ERM student, or you do not have an ERM adviser assigned to you, please call the ERM office .

When do I schedule?

  • Your scheduling date will be listed on your degree audit. To access your degree audit, select “Degree Audit” from the side navigation pane in LionPATH.
  • If you are 5th semester or more: Select “Current Major” and then “Submit”.
  • If you are 4th semester or less: Select “Alternative Major” and pull down College of Agricultural Sciences as your college, ERM as your major, and then specify your option before submitting.


  • Be on time to your advising appointment.
  • If you cannot make your appointment, call or e-mail before your scheduled appointment.
  • Be prepared with a current degree audit and list of questions.
  • Proof-read before sending e-mail and use correct punctuation and spelling!
  • Turn off cell phones and music players.

Advising Resources: