Team Red ~ Ag Springboard Finalist

Posted: April 12, 2016

Team Red wants to make sustainability sexy by giving the red plastic cups used at frat parties new life as furniture, Frisbees and cornhole games.

Watch their pitch and story. They'll pitch live to judges Thursday in the #AgSpringboard16 final round.

Team Red wants to turn the plastic in thousands of red cups tossed by college students in a typical weekend into new furniture, Frisbees and school supplies. Team members Josh Rappoport, Rosemary Nicholson and Dylan Tischler want to make sustainability sexy and have found support for their concept among 10 of 10 fraternities surveyed.

See what you think:

Team Red ~ #AgSpringboard16 Finalist from Lisa Duchene on Vimeo.

Video and editing by Taylor Clayton.