How to Pitch: The Business Model

Posted: March 23, 2016

How will your new business make money now and in the future? Think through all the points of your model, says Hunter Swisher, a senior plant science major competing in ‪#‎AgSpringboard16‬.
In pitches for the Ag Springboard student business contest — or any pitch to potential investors — be sure to explain your business model and how the business will make money into the future.

How-to-Pitch: Design a Business Model from Lisa Duchene on Vimeo.

(All Ag Springboard videos for the spring 2016 semester were filmed and edited by Taylor Clayton, a student in the College of Communications and communications intern for the E&I Program.)

Remember: Ag Springboard teams must prepare and submit short video pitches of their new business product or service by March 28 for the first round of competition. This is video 4 in our five-video series on Pitching Basics.

Judges will select finalists for live pitching on April 14. Winners of the top $7,500 prize and second-place $2,500 prize will be announced that evening.

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Good luck to our Ag Springboard teams!