Only days left to register for Ag Springboard!

Posted: March 3, 2015

Register your team NOW to compete for the $7,500 grand prize in the Ag Springboard student business pitch competition. Thursday, March 5 is the final registration deadline. E-mail Mark Gagnon,

Only a few days remain for Penn State students to register their teams to compete for the $7,500 grand prize in the Ag Springboard student business pitch competition.

Start with an idea — a new product, service, technology or organization — in the agricultural sciences.

Tap some fellow students to help (some tips on forming a team) and contact Mark Gagnon, to register your team.

Need help? Join us for a Pitch Camp Coaching Session on Wednesday, March 4, at 7 p.m. at New Leaf Initiative, 3rd floor of the State College Municipal Building, 243 S. Allen St., Suite 337.

Come with a concept in mind and we’ll help you develop the pitch and find teammates.

This is the final pitch camp coaching session before the March 5 team formation deadline!

Can’t make it to Pitch Camp? Get in touch anyway. Contact Mark Gagnon, Move forward on your idea. Don’t wait for perfection.

Competing in Ag Springboard is a great way to learn how to pitch, boosts your resume, offers valuable advice, experience and connections.

Plus, you could win $7,500 to launch your idea! You'll find tips, details and important dates on our website. Follow @psuaginnovation on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


What former Ag Springboarders say about the experience:

Ag Springboard was “very much the catalyst that pushed our business idea forward,” says Dustin Betz, of GreenTowers, 2012 Ag Springboard winner and now a custom designer of nature-integrated furniture, interiors and food production units.

“Even though our business plan has pivoted significantly in the last two and a half years, the experience of Ag Springboard was what really galvanized our team to want to actually start a company,” says Betz. 

Woody Wilson participated in Ag Springboard, graduated in 2012 and now operates Wilson’s Home Farms, a personalized farming service, operating in backyards and businesses.

“Ag Springboard gave me the framework to take an idealist business idea and build it into a practical and innovative agricultural business,” says Wilson.

“I install and manage customized on-site mini-farms that provide homegrown produce to the property owner for their purpose: feeding their family, spicing-up their kitchen, storing for the winter. I enhance these properties with home orchards, cold frames, compost bins and other farming projects,” says Wilson.

Move forward on your idea. E-mail Mark Gagnon,