10 Tips to Pitch Your Idea

Posted: March 23, 2015

Some pitch advice especially for the 19 Ag Springboard student teams who are working on their 10-minute pitch videos. And you — because we can all do a better job pitching our ideas!

Kudos to the 19 student teams who took a big step forward on their great ideas in the agricultural sciences by registering to compete in the Ag Springboard student business pitch competition.

Here are 10 tips on how to prepare your pitch from Dr. Mark Gagnon, Harbaugh Entrepreneurship Scholar and Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program.

Now, the Ag Springboard teams are working on their video pitches of about 10 minutes for the March 31 video submission deadline.

But hey — we can all use advice on how to pitch our ideas!
1.    Your idea. Clearly explain what you are offering.
2.    Problem. Explain how your idea solves a problem or delivers joy.
3.    Your customer. Whose problem are you solving? Or who are you lifting with the joy your idea delivers? And how many of those people are there? i.e. How big is your market?
4.    Product/service. Describe in sufficient detail with features, benefits and advantages.
5.    Competition. What competing products or services already exist? How are you better? List key industry trends
6.    Business model. How you will financially sustain, make money, etc.
7.    Financial outlook. Show the key financials for years 1-3. Think key numbers: sales, costs, profit.
8.    Team. What do each of you offer to successfully launch your idea?
9.    Timeline. What have you done so far? What are the key steps you plan to take in the next year
10.    The spend. What would you do to advance your idea with the competition award?

Checkout this pitch video from Team Leafy, last year's Ag Springboard winner: