Ag 300 Pitch Challenge Underway!

Posted: October 2, 2014

Have an idea? A solution to a problem you see on campus, in your community or in the world? The Ag 300 Pitch Challenge is a great way for College of Agricultural Sciences students to share — or “pitch”— an idea.

Your idea could be for a new project, club/organization, a non-profit initiative or even a new product or business. Basically, it’s your chance to bring an idea to life!

Take action. Pursue an idea. Put a solution in motion.

The Goal: The Ag 300 Pitch Challenge asks College of Ag Sciences students to pitch their ideas and contribute 300 pitches for Penn State’s team in the 1,000 Pitches national competition among 11 universities.  As PSU students make more than 1,000 entrepreneurial pitches, the College of Ag Sciences is setting out a challenge for our students to come up with 300 of those ideas.

What To Do:

  • Brainstorm ideas for new products, and social solutions on your own, with friends or as part of a club/organization or even at work. 
  • Prepare to explain the problem, your solution to it and how that would work.
  • Go to the 1,000 Pitches website to Pitch Your Idea, and in four easy steps, enter your information and record your video.
  • You can pitch up to three different ideas, you just need to make a separate video for each one.

Deadline for Entries: November 9

Visit The Pitch Gallery to see previous submissions. For example you can see the pitch for solar panel outdoor umbrellas from a University of Arizona student and one for a poke-free blood sugar test from a University of Michigan student.

Check out the great ideas from across the country and let your ideas run wild! Need help refining your idea and pitch — or not sure if you’re going own the right path? Contact Dr. Mark Gagnon,

Why Do It?

  • Your pitch could win the nationwide competition —recognition and bragging rights. (How about that on your resume?!)
  • Show your College of Ag Sciences pride and Penn State pride.
  • Raise THON dollars for your student organization. Your group can earn an $800 THON donation if you can submit 200 pitches by Oct. 12. The CAS Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program will match the InnoBlue rewards program, which offers incentives for good numbers of pitches, especially early in the competition. Check out the Penn State Pledge Program.
  • Get a cool shirt. A REALLY cool shirt.
  • Be part of the first-ever Ag 300 challenge, and celebrate meeting this goal during a lunchtime event at the Forest Resources Building on Wednesday, Nov. 19.
  • Have fun! Keep track of how you, your club/organization, the College of Ag Sciences and Penn State are doing by following E&I on Twitter @psuaginnovation and #Ag300, and on the E&I website.

About the 1,000 Pitches Competition

Penn State is competing with 10 other U.S. universities in the 1,000 Pitches competition. (As of Monday, Sept. 29: The University of Michigan: 194 pitches vs. Penn State's 10 pitches.) The College of Agricultural Sciences is competing with all other colleges on the Penn State UP campus.

InnoBlue at Penn State is participating in the competition this year as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 16-21. The CAS’ E&I Program is a sponsor of both GE Week and the 1,000 pitches event. Complete contest rules.

Tips for Your Pitch to Win the Competition

  • Explain in detail the problem you are solving.
  • Show why the new idea is better than the current solution.
  • Introduce the idea in a memorable way.
  • Present your idea enthusiastically and with passion! Avoid a monotone delivery.
  • Describe a plan to raise money.
  • Describe how to scale up the idea.
  • Pitch an idea that could have a large, disruptive impact on society.
  • Persuade a judge to invest his or her own money, if possible, to help move the idea forward.

Good luck!