Spotlight: Where are they now? Cindy Lam

Posted: March 14, 2012

Curious to see what the fall 2011 Ag Springboard contestants are doing? Here is our first story in our Ag Springboard 2011 follow-up series.

The Agricultural Science Springboard Competition is an annual business plan presentation competition open to all students at Penn State. Since the fall 2011 semester competition many students have continued to invest time and effort into their business ideas and competition submissions for the Springboard Competition. Cindy Lam, from team BioSpin Fiber Technologies, tied for second place during the fall Springboard Competition. However, the competition did not end for her after the winners were announced. Lam and her teammates Xiang Guo and Lingyan Kong continue to invest their time and energy into their competition submission, never once viewing the competition as a simple project for school. Instead team BioSpin viewed their submission as a real business venture with great potential.

Lam is a senior majoring in marketing with a minor in business law. She first heard about the Agricultural Science Springboard Competition from her future teammates along with multiple posters set up around campus. “When I heard about all the different projects that students were trying to implement in the real business world, I immediately became interested,” said Lam. “I wanted to help by contributing my business skills and help build an idea into more than just a business competition submission, particularly one that is innovative and can benefit the public welfare in the future, one that could be a step into a career that I can see myself building.”Lam and her teammates chose to focus on bio-based, starch nanofibers and producing wound dressing. It was an idea originally launched by Lingyan Kong, a Ph.D candidate in the Food Science program. After months of working on their project submission Lam and her team decided to continue the work on their business endeavor. Since the competition Lam and her teammates have built their own company, BioSpin Fiber Technologies. The company consists of Cindy Lam and teammates Xiang Guo and Lingyan Kong with each person contributing their specialties to the companies’ success. While Kong serves as Chief Technology Officer working with the innovative product development, Xiang Guo focuses on the technical start-ups and process development. Lam, marketing major, brings the perspective of the business world into focus. As seen by Cindy Lam and her teammates, the Penn State Agricultural Science Springboard Competition can be more than just a project submission. Lam and her teammates made a simple Agricultural Science Competition and took it to the next level of entrepreneurship in creating their own business. Their project idea has been entered into numerous business competitions and is currently competing in the finals for the Smeal College of Business IdeaPitch competition. “Throughout this entire process, I learned so much about scientific and technological advances, the healthcare market, and hands on business development; and I am truly grateful that I partook in this experience,” said Lam.  “I would also definitely participate again.”

By Kayla Inserra, Account Associate for Happy Valley Communications.