Register your team by March 15. Teams must include at least one student in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and pitch an idea for a business or non-profit solution in the agricultural sciences.

Registered Teams, Spring 2017

Repurpose processes perishable foods using excess food from retail into shelf-stable products. The company has a give-back policy to help food pantries and kitchens. Team leader Gabrielle Lenart,

Kennel Business TBA is a full-service kennel business in Indiana County. Team leader Megan McCunn,

MomaDukes Preserves A high-end specialty preserves business that produces jams, jellies and condiments. Team leader John Feret,

Garden App is a gardening affiliation media business utilizing mobile app and web platforms for gardeners to learn, connect and share. Team leaders: Jinglin Feng, and Jinsui (Jazzy) Song,

Bubble Tea TBA Provides a line of high-quality bubble tea products with a focus on Asian food markets within the US. Team leader Hui Wang,

Mod Zero's patent-pending technology removes the proprietary relationship between a rifle scope and a rifle, resulting in the ability to freely swap scopes between rifles. This removes the need to purchase or own duplicate sights, providing serious savings to hunters, military and law enforcement. Team leader: Luke Yost,

War Chest is a military-themed food and beverage containers and accessories perfect for tailgating.Team leader: Samantha Beining

Sicuro Innovations uses machine learning and predictive detection technology to conduct big data analysis and adaptive offensive counter hacking methods to thwart, defer and actively defend Smart Technology Infrastructure, or the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, from cyber-attack providing food and agriculture bio-security. Team leader: Nicholas Pisciotta

Students who are looking for teammates or to join teams:

Griffin Brown ( is a BioRenewable Systems major.

Nathan Pearlman ( is a Food Science major.

Lara Al Juhani ( is an EBF major.

Omar Alali ( is a mechanical engineering major.

Caroline Porier ( is a Food Science major with an idea related to apple ponace cardboard.

Luke Yost, (lfy5003@, team leader of Mod Zero, is looking for teammates. See above.

Sam Collins ( is an agribusiness major with an idea around food e-commerce.

Ashley Walters ( is a food science major.

Manoelle Silva ( is an agribusiness major.

Monica Caldwell ( is an agribusiness major.

Curtis Hershey ( is an agribusiness major.

Kevin Moss ( is a turfgrass major.

Eli Sofayov ( is an agribusiness major.

Mike DeVito ( is an agribusiness major.

Douglas Boop ( is an agribusiness major.