Teams registered for Ag Springboard 2016. The team registration deadline is Feb. 24, 2016. Register by sending an email to Dr. Mark Gagnon,, with your concept, team leader and the names of the team members.

Blue & White Chips ~ Sports-themed potato chip business. Deanna Spaniel ( and Benjamin Nason (

No W8ste Project ~ A solution to reduce food waste at the retail level by transporting non-preferred food items to people in need. Gabrielle Lenart ( and John Gilbert (

Sorghum Cheese ~ Produce cheese using sorghum as the key ingredient. Dianakaran Elango (, Rohil Sahai Bhatnagar (, Alex McKay Stanish (

SentiSense ~ Conduct data analytics on social media to manage consumer interactions for major food brands.Famshi Voruganti ( and Christopher Sharkey (

Soil Solutions ~ Market a patented aluminum compound to manage plant update and release of phosphate. Hunter Robert Swisher ( and Erin Knabe (

Solo-Recycle ~ A mission-oriented company, based around the collection and recycling of polystyrene cups (Solo Cups, #6 plastic), turning them into products for the college student market. Joshua E. Rappoport ( Rosemary Nicholson (