Bridge the GapSci won the $7,500 grand prize award during Ag Springboard 2015 with its pitch to develop a non-profit group to provide basic lab supplies to science students in third-world countries. Saffron Yield won second place for its pitch to use biotechnology to increase saffron production. Twenty teams competed during Ag Springboard 2015.

Bridge the GapSci. Develop a non-profit organization that will provide common scientific laboratory equipment to colleges and universities in developing countries. Team members: Kerry Belton, Josephine Akyeamah Garban, , Shawntawnee Collins, , Jamaal James,, Sarah Owusu, .

Saffron Yield. Increasing saffron production using biotechnology. Team members: Nate Hamaker, Byron Bredael, JoAnna Hofstaedter, Alex Murdoch, and Kristen Fisher.

Team Saffron won second place place during Ag Springboard 2015. Students Nate Hamaker, Byron Bredael, JoAnna Hofstaedter, Alex Murdoch, and Kristen Fisher with College of Agricultural Sciences Dean Rick Roush and Earl Harbaugh, lead donor to the E&I Program. The final round of competition and awards banquet was held April 14, 2015.

PSU Sports Chips. Establish a student-run business that sells blue & white potato chips. Team members: Deanna Spaniel, and Ben Nason, .

Artificial Transpiration. Develop a system to replicate the transpiration process for multiple applications. Transpiration is the passive movement of water throughout a tree. Team members: Richard Zang , Elliott Vincent-Killian , Nick Slave , and Ben Szoch.

Plant Detection Drone. Provide a drone service that monitor fields for plant health and scans for plant diseases for early treatment and mitigation. Team members: Kenneth Au, .

Peanut Butter Scraper. The ideal kitchen tool for scooping all of the peanut butter out of the jar, mess-free. Team members: Andrew Abraham , and Gabrielle Brideau Lenart .

K-cup coffee flavors. We plan to sell a frozen flavor mixture to be added to a home coffee-making device. Team members: Calvin Andrew Nelson , Phil Antonello , Lizz Carney , Melissa Luyster .

Ancient Grain Co. We plan on growing and marketing ancient grains on both a small and potentially commercial scale. Team member Zachary Daniel Troyer, .

3-D Biorenewable Ink. Our product is 3D-printer ink generator, processing bio-renewable thermoplastics like Legos to create the substance. Team members Josh Rappoport and Matt Villani .

PREVpath Inc. We are committed to producing the most cutting edge E. coli pathogen detection systems available in today's market because we believe the work we do today will change the world tomorrow. Team members Manasi Manohar Kamat and Demetri Patitsas

Youth Ag Program. Teach agriculture to youth in South America. Members: Kate Bassett

IST Nonprofit Idea. We solve the problem of a lack of transparency on outcomes produced by nonprofits. Team members: Jacob Daniel Dotts, , Logan McCloskey and Monica Caparosa .

Food Essentials Delivered. Grocery delivery service that focuses on a simple menu. Contact

Hydro Vegetables. Start a business growing vegetables using hydroponic systems with the intent to supply fresh vegetables year round to local shops and stores at a negotiable price. Nelson Eduardo Torres Criado, and Miguel Ramirez

Fishing Lure. Develop a line of natural fishing lures with natural patterns. Team members: Vaughan Holderman , Torin Miller and Jonas Holderman.

Protein Station. Provide fresh meals to gym-goers. Team members: Yangyili Fu (Mark) , Yue Mao (Karen) , Sicong Chen (Cloud) , Yu-Jou Chen (Demi) , and Jaye Aster Broder .

Trofi. Our business idea is a meal delivery service that will give off-campus students a chance to prepare healthy, restaurant quality meals in their own kitchens. Team members: Keith Taylor, Jr., and Samuel Oliver Isler,

EcoPaper. We are pitching our idea to create paper materials that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Team members: Jordan Nechita, , Chiluvya Zulu, , and Mike Moffa, .

Biodegradable Starch Fiber. Market recently invented biodegradable starch fiber. Team members: Nicholas Azinge III Bertha Castanenda Guzman, , Henoak Eshetu, , Chrishani Boothe .

Phone Trap. Hunting box trap which takes photos when the trap goes off and sends the photo to your cell phone. Team members: Tim Turner and Michael Orner .