A five-student team known as “Leafy” and led by inventor Amin Afzal won the $7,500 top prize for its wireless sensor that detects moisture directly from plant leaves during Ag Springboard 2014. Team Vine Roofs, pitching a concept for vine-covered roofs that are lower in cost than green roofs, won second place.

Leafy Plant Sensors

Produce an economically viable wireless sensors for plants in the field that monitor nutrient and water uptake. The team needs business and entrepreneurship students.

Team contact, Amin Afzal, aminoafzal@gmail.com (First Place Winner)

Amin Afzal's story: Vine Roofs - An affordable alternative to green roofs for buildings with lower structural capacity.

Team contact Peter Vanco, pdv104@psu.edu (Second Place Winner.)

Aquaponics System

Proposes a large-scale aquaponics farm in western PA to grow and raise specialty vegetable and fish crops. The team is currently seeking members and needs an AgSci student.

Team contact Alonso R. Diaz, ard5291@psu.edu


A sustainable practice of recycling vegetable oil to be used to produce bio-fuel.

Team contact Joe Patton, jzp150@psu.edu

Coffee & Bicycle Shop

A combination of a bicycle and coffee shop.

Team Contact Steven Cline spc5144@psu.edu

Consumer Pesticide Tests

Consumer level pesticide testing and management for produce.

Team Contact Nari Soundarrajan, nxs257@psu.edu


The need to educate people about where their food comes from presents an exciting opportunity for the development of an on-farm educational program. This team seeks to develop a non-profit focused on providing people with knowledge of agricultural practices. The team is currently seeking members and is seeking a student with entrepreneurship knowledge.

Team contact: Emily Pennock, eyp5118@psu.edu

Food Packaging

Closed loop reusable food packaging provider.

Team contact Elliott Killian, exv140@psu.edu

Fungal Biopesticide

The economic production of fungal bio-pesticide(s). The team needs AgSci students especially ABE students.

Team contact Arjun Plakkat, azp5053@psu.edu

Haitian Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship Non-Profit Organization

Develop a youth entrepreneurship non for profit program in Haiti to help late teens secure an economic livelihood.

Team contact Cara McDonald, cam5933@psu.edu

Healthy, Easy-to-make Soup

A specialty soup business that is based around a healthy, nutritious and easy-to-make soup. The team needs an AgSci student-preferably a Food Science Major.

Team contact Sydney Gruenberg, smg5468@psu.edu

Hemp-based Plastic

Hemp-based plastic used to make water bottles, replace petroleum plastic with eco-friendly substitute. Team is actively seeking members.

Team Contact Jordan Nechita, jqn5109@psu.edu.

Ice Cream Ball

An ice cream product in which ice cream is molded into a ball and enclosed in a cone to make a round, dry desert with an ice cream center. The team is looking for a Food Science student or an AgSci student.

Team contact Ethan Shenberg, ehs5045@psu.edu

Lego-like Furniture

Furniture made of few, simple parts that has the capacity to be taken apart and reassembled into a different piece (chair can become table, which can become a bench, and so on). The team is looking for an AgSci student-preferably in bio-products.

Team contact Mridul Bhandari, mib5285@psu.edu

Medical Cannabis Business

A company that will implement a medical cannabis business.

Team contact George Cimochowski, gsc5051@psu.edu

Self-sustaining Poultry Operation

Company that develops a closed loop poultry operation utilizing solar, compost and renewable feed sources.

Team contact Shurong Li, sul257@psu.edu.

(Xin Wen's group)

Low cost food preservation for the developing world.

Team contact Xin Wen, xiw5070@psu.edu