Water Insights Seminar Series Fall 2018

Posted: October 9, 2018

The Water Insights Seminar Series continues for Fall 2018 with a line up of seven speakers.

The third installment of the Water Insights Seminar Series will be held this fall. This weekly interdisciplinary series presents talks on water science, water management, and water policy and is intended to engage the University and broader community in collaborative learning and discussion about critical water challenges from local to global scales.  

You may join us in person (lunch provided) at Noon in room 312 Ag Engineering Building on University Park Campus. You may also join via ZOOM.

The series kicked off today with Charlie White, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management at Penn State. He presented his talk titled: Crediting Soil Organic Matter and Cover Crops in a Variable Rate Nitrogen Prescription. The slides will be made available on our Water Insights Page. Unfortunately, his talk was not recorded but the others will be and links to the recordings will be posted on our website.

Other speakers and topics include:

Tuesday, October 16  -  Dave DeWalle
Water Quality of Springs and Streams in the Rapidly
Urbanizing Spring Creek Watershed in Central Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, October 23  -  Aaron Cook
Dynamic management of nutrient pollution in aquatic
environments: Does Chesapeake Bay need a time-varying policy?

Friday, October 26  -  Jack Watson
Drinking our Medicines? Fate and Transport of Emerging Contaminants at Penn State’s Living Filter.

Friday, November 2  -  Lidiia Iavorivska
Mitigating eutrophication in the Great Lakes through
stakeholder-driven hydrologic modeling.

Friday, November 9  -  Daniel Brent
Who signs up for free raingardens? Distributional effects of
green infrastructure subsidies.

Friday, November 16  -  Lauren McPhillips
Sustainable and resilient management of stormwater in
urban landscapes.

We hope you will join us, in person or online. Please help to get the word out about this series. Thank you!