ENRI Kicks off Water Insights Seminar Series 2018

Posted: January 17, 2018

The Water Insights Seminar Series begins January 23, 2018 with Matt Royer, Director of Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center.
Matt Royer

Matt Royer

Water Insights is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar/webinar series which hosts talks on water science, water management, and water policy and is intended to engage Penn State and the broader community in collaborative learning and discussion about critical water challenges from local to global scales.

The 2018 series begins with Matthew Royer, Director of the Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center. Matt will present the talk Pennsylvania & the Chesapeake Bay: Emerging Policy and Practice Innovations to Improve Water Quality.

Nutrient and sediment pollution from non-point sources and land use and land management alterations are among the most persistent unsolved environmental problems we face today. Several decades of effort to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution to the Chesapeake Bay has resulted in progress but not at the pace necessary to meet water quality goals.

Innovative approaches in policy and practice are emerging in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to accelerate clean water efforts. This seminar will discuss progress and approaches to date and the challenges to meeting clean water goals when dealing with nonpoint-dominated pollution sources.

New and emerging innovations will also be discussed, including ideas promoted at the Pennsylvania in the Balance conference (March 2016), and successful development and deployment of necessary delivery mechanisms in priority watersheds through community-based watershed engagement and partnerships.

The series will run through April 17, 2018 and will be held on Tuesdays from Noon – 1PM in Room 102 Forest Resources Building, University Park Campus. Lunch is provided for UP participants.

This series is also being offered as a webinar with Zoom:

The webinars will be recorded and links to each recording will be available to access at your convenience on our website. There you will also find links to previously recorded webinars of talks presented last fall.