The Phosphorus Paradox

Posted: January 7, 2015

This is the story of phosphorus, the first element isolated and discovered by modern science.
The Phosphorus Paradox

The Phosphorus Paradox

About The Phosphorus Paradox

The Penn State Center for Nutrient Solutions is promoting public awareness about phosphorus in order to foster dialogue on this tremendously important resource.

The ongoing project aims to include a feature-length documentary, online resources and community engagement. The documentary will share stories told by scientists, policy makers, farmers, public health officials, fishermen and miners -- about the success and failures, about the hope and frustration, about the known and the unknown.

The project's goal is to develop an informed citizenry that can positively improve sustainable practices that support our great environment, food production systems and human health inequalities across our planet. Learn about the important contributions phosphorus brings to our world and why we need to sustain this valuable resource.

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