Migration resources for ANGEL courses

Posted: May 4, 2016

Faculty have two options when it comes to teaching in Canvas. They can start fresh, constructing their course from scratch in the new Learning Management System. Or they can migrate their course content from ANGEL and restructure the course for use in Canvas.

Two new resources to help faculty with the latter can be accessed on under Faculty Resources.

Videos on migrating content from ANGEL

First is a series of videos on the Migrating From ANGEL page. Each of the four videos correlates to one of the four major steps in the migration and conversion process:

  • Clean up and export your ANGEL course
  • Create Canvas Master Course
  • Import your ANGEL course into Canvas
  • Locate course components and clean up your Canvas course

The videos dovetail with information found in Module 2 in the Canvas Learning Center, which, like the videos, can be accessed 24/7.

First-come, first-served conversion assistance

The second new resource can be found on the Conversion Assistance Requests page, where faculty can request course conversion help from the TLT Canvas Instructional Support Team, particularly with more complex courses.

The service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty complete a short request form, including their name, campus, course name and when they plan to teach the course. A member of the team will work on migrating the course from ANGEL, converting it for use in Canvas, or both.

This summer Penn State is in the ramp-up period to begin the process of the full university-wide adoption of Canvas. Faculty can teach in Canvas now, rather than wait for ANGEL’s end-of-life after the Summer II session in 2017.