Creating and Managing Exams with Respondus

Posted: August 22, 2016

Penn State University has obtained a campus-wide license for the Respondus 4.0 software.

Penn State University has obtained a campus-wide license for the Respondus 4.0 software. Respondus 4.0 is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be published directly to our LMS or printed for paper-based exams. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment and can also be moved from one LMS to another.
Additional information about the Respondus software and the Respondus Test Bank Network (a free service that allows instructors to access Respondus-compatible publisher test banks) is available at
Our license also permits you to install a copy of the Respondus software on a home or travel computer. However, you are not permitted to provide the Respondus software or the password information to anyone who is not affiliated with our institution. Such an action is a violation of our licensing agreement with Respondus and is also illegal.
You can obtain a copy of the Respondus software by downloading it from

  • Log in using WebAccess
  • Click on the Technical Applications button
  • Click on the Windows link next to Respondus (Note that Respondus is a Windows only tool, but can be run on a Mac using Virtual Box, or Parallels).

The file you download is named “Respondus4Campus.exe”. Locate the file on your hard drive and double-click it to start the Respondus installation program. We recommend that you accept the default settings for where the program is installed.
During the installation process you will be asked to enter the activation details. This information is provided on the page.

Please note that you are not able to download the software directly from the Respondus website, nor are you able to use the password listed above to activate a copy previously downloaded from their site.



  • If you have questions or problems using the Respondus software that are not resolved by consulting the above resources, please contact .
  • Our license with Respondus, Inc. does NOT permit instructors to obtain support directly from Respondus, Inc. If our staff is unable to solve a particular question or problem, we will contact Respondus, Inc. on your behalf.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and that you find the Respondus software useful.