New Courses for Summer 2014

Posted: April 21, 2014

Ag Science eLearning is offering 3 new courses for Summer 2014: ABE 885 Biomass Harvesting and Logistics, CEDEV 597A Launching Community Initiatives, and CEDEV 597B Topics in Economic Development

ABE 885 Biomass Harvesting and Logistics

3 Credit Course. This course covers biomass handling options and relevant cost analysis, engineering principles of field equipment, practical methods of evaluation and testing, field performance of machine systems for biomass harvesting and handling operations, selection and management of field machine systems with efficiency and sustainability considerations. Prerequisite: ABE 884.

This course is the second course from the Bioenergy Option of the Intercollege Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems program (iMPS-RESS) at Penn State that is being offered through College of Agricultural Sciences. It follows ABE 884 Biomass Energy Systems, which offers an overview of Biomass Energy Systems by delving deeper into the logistics of harvesting biomass materials.

CEDEV 597A Launching Community Initiatives

3 Credit Course. This course provides students with the resources to acquire the knowledge needed to form innovative ideas that address social, environmental, and economic problems, put their ideas into a physical plan, get them funded, and launch them. Along the way, students will develop their own ideas for improving the world around them. All the while, students will learn the techniques of social entrepreneurship and collaborative innovation, and how to apply them to everyday life.

CEDEV 597B Topics in Economic Development

3 Credit Course. This course provides an overview of modern approaches to developing places and regions, including policy options and limitations. Fundamental reasons for the world-wide decline of some rural areas and the growth of cities are also explored.