New Courses for Fall 2014

Posted: July 10, 2014

College of Agricultural Sciences eLearning is offering two (2) new courses in Fall 2014: ABE 888 Conversion Technologies for Bioenergy Production and CEDEV 597D Principles and Practices of Planning.

ABE 888 Conversion Technologies for Bioenergy Production

3 Credit Course. This course provides an understanding of conversions of raw agricultural materials into bioenergy with a focus on liquid biofuels. This course presents in-depth coverage of chemical, biochemical, and thermo-chemical conversion technologies for production of bioenergy as well as separation of bioenergy compounds from the mixture. Each part in this course is unique within itself and covers different aspects of conversion technologies for the production of bioenergy from biomass.

CEDEV 597D Principles and Practices of Planning

3 credit course. This course is an overview of the field of planning. It examines the history of planning and the theories behind it, and the corresponding roles that planners can play in their communities. It establishes the legal framework for planning as a profession, and examines landmark legal cases involving planning and its tools. It then looks at the different types and levels of planning, and examines the process of planning, what data needs to be collected, how a comprehensive plan is made and implemented, and who planners must interact with in the course of doing their job. Finally, the course reviews the current issues in planning, such as Smart Growth, New Urbanism, and Sustainability. Throughout, the course attempts to emphasize both the positive and negative impacts of planning.