New Courses in Fall 2012

Posted: May 9, 2012

Ag Science eLearning is offering 2 new courses for the Fall semester: CEDEV 567 Resilient Communities and VB SC 101 Careers in Veterinary Medicine and the Allied Professions.

CEDEV 567: Resilient Communities and Ecosystems

This is an optional course for the Master of Professional Studies in Community and Economic Development. It provides a foundation in the connections between communities and their local environments, the institutional barriers and boundaries that guide these relationships, and how both work together in impacting long-term community and economic development trajectories across multiple scales.

VB SC 101 Careers in Veterinary Medicine and the Allied Professions

The course is intended for first year students with an interest in careers in veterinary medicine or in the allied industries. Upon completion of the course students will have an understanding of the various careers possible in veterinary medicine; including types of specialization by species and/or by discipline. Students will have the opportunity to discuss careers in industries related to animal health and animal health research. Student learning will occur through the use of guest speakers, written assignments and on-line discussion groups. Student evaluation will be based on performance on assignments and on-line discussion groups.