New Courses Offered in Fall 2011

Posted: August 24, 2011

Ag Science eLearning is growing fast! We are offering two new credit courses this fall, and have six more in development for spring 2012. New for Fall: 1) AGBIO 521 Food Defense: Prevention for Food Processors. 2) AGBIO 801: Veterinary Infectious Disease Diagnostic and Surveillance Systems.

New for Fall

AGBIO 521: Food Defense: Prevention for Food Processors

AgBio Food Defense

The goal of this course is to provide food industry professionals with information to assist them in recognizing and applying measures to prevent intentional contamination of the food supply. The students build on their knowledge throughout the course and by the end, will feel confident as they provide a fictitious establishment with comprehensive plans for food defense, recalls, and emergency preparedness and response.  

This course will be utilizing VoiceThread, which is basically an online tool that allows a person to create a slide show or a presentation and add commenting in audio, text, or video. It also allows other people comment on the same presentation, making it very collaborative and social. In the course, VoiceThread is used for faculty and student introductions, faculty lectures with student comments, and finally for the students to present their final project and receive peer review.

There are also a number of case studies throughout the course. After students have submitted their case study assignment, a live online discussion using Adobe Connect will take place between the instructor and students to provide feedback and answer any remaining questions.


AGBIO 801: Veterinary Infectious Disease Diagnostic and Surveillance Systems

AgBio 801This course will examine a wide range of animal health topics as it relates to infectious diseases, diagnostic systems, surveillance systems, epidemiology of those diseases, and effective responses in the case of an outbreak either naturally or intentionally caused.

The student’s knowledge will be tested on a weekly basis with short essay assignments to ensure understanding of course material as well as to provide aid in pacing throughout the course.

Another integral part of this course is the faculty and student chat sessions. These are live online sessions between the students and instructor using Skype or Adobe Connect. Topics of discussion cover key points in the course content, the linkage of past lessons to future lessons, and any questions the students might have.

These are just two of our new courses; keep watch for our new arrivals in spring!