Spring Courses

3 Credit Course. Offered Spring/Summer. Students will learn to interpret soil physical results using the United States Golf Associated specifications for greens construction, evaluate and manipulate the physical properties of a soil in order to provide a quality turfgrass stand under varying conditions, and more.

4 Credit Course. Offered Spring. A study in the nutrition and growth of turfgrass plants, emphasizing constructed and mineral soil fertility, nutrient uptake and function, and fertilizer use efficiency.

3 Credit Course. Offered Spring/Summer/Fall. Supervised off-campus, nongroup instruction including field experiences, practica, or internships. Written and oral critique of activity required.

1 Credit Course. Offered Spring/Fall. Covers chemical toxicity, formulations, environmental fate, labels, MSDS, calibration, IPM, safety, handling, storage, and Pennsylvania certification and regulations.

3 Credit Course. Offered Spring/Alternating Summers (even years). Introduces the development of integrated weed management strategies utilizing a variety of cultural and chemical methods.

3 Credit Course. A study of turfgrass maintenance practices and how their interrelationships can be utilized to develop management systems. Students will integrate different turfgrass maintenance practices into sound management strategies that lead to the production of high quality turfgrass areas.

3 credit course. Offered Spring semester even years. Lectures, reading assignments, and problems designed to develop student competency in plant physiology as it relates to turfgrass management strategies.

3 credit course. Offered Spring semester odd years. Lectures and exercises designed to develop student competency in solving turfgrass pest problems, as well as disease resistance in turfgrass.