DLC Courses (Fall 2018)

3 Credit Course. Offered Fall (Digital Learning cooperative). General overview and principles; food constituents and properties; quality and safety; preservation methods; processing animal and plant products.

3 Credit Course. Offered Fall. Provides an introduction to plant pathology. Diseases of horticultural crops are examined stressing their cause, diagnosis, control and the roles they play in national and international trade and bio-security. The biology of plant diseases involving a broad range of biotic and abiotic plant pathogens will be discussed.

3 Credit Course. Offered Summer (World Campus) and Fall (World Campus & eLearning Cooperative). Introduces students to the variety and complexity of soils on a local, national, and international scale. The students learn to identify the physical, chemical, and biological properties and processes of soils and relate these to the way that societies use and abuse soils.