3 Credit Course. Offered Fall and Summer. In the coming decades biomass will play an increasing role in satisfying society’s energy and material needs, providing a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. This course will cover the fundamental theories and applied technologies used in production and conversion of biomass into transportation fuels, heat, power, electricity, chemicals and other value-added products.

3 Credit Course. This course is the “capstone” final project course for students in the Master’s of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems. It should be taken at or near the end of the student’s degree program and may not be taken prior to enrolling in (and ideally completing) all other “core” courses in the degree.

3 Credit Course. Offered Fall. This course provides an understanding of conversions of raw agricultural materials into bioenergy with a focus on liquid biofuels. This course presents in-depth coverage of chemical, biochemical, and thermo-chemical conversion technologies for production of bioenergy as well as separation of bioenergy compounds from the mixture. Each part in this course is unique within itself and covers different aspects of conversion technologies for the production of bioenergy from biomass.

3 credit course. Offered Spring. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, production, and improvement of plants as feedstocks for conversion to energy. Prerequisite: ABE 884.