Scholars: Student Hunger, Homelessness Underrecognized

March 16, 2017

Of all the students who visited the food pantry at Montgomery College in recent times, one that stood out for pantry worker and honors student Elizabeth Zabala is the young man who came to get something to eat for a specific assignment.

Diversity Officers Under Trump: Rattled but Voicing Resolve

March 15, 2017

The task of making college students feel welcome on campus has been greatly complicated by both the election of President Trump and the political currents that helped put him in office, said campus diversity officers who gathered here on Tuesday.

Renowned Black Law Professor Files Complaint Against Campbell University for Discrimination

March 2, 2017

Black law professor who gained national exposure for having predicted Donald J. Trump’s election victory in an eight-month series of 2016 television appearances and Harvard Law Record articles, has filed federal civil rights charges against Campbell University.

Doubts on Diversifying the Facultly

January 31, 2017

Many colleges and universities have for years been stating that they are trying to attract more minority faculty members. And for just as long, critics have been saying that colleges aren't doing all they can.

Justice Sotomayor Says Universities Need More Diversity

January 31, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday said future diversity on college campuses is a key to diversifying society at large, noting that the number of Black students at the University of Michigan is a “real problem.”

Addressing Racist Microaggressions

January 10, 2017

Many colleges and universities pride themselves on their commitment to diversity, yet that commitment often seems to be superficial, writes Macy Wilson.

Can We Really Measure Implicit Bias? Maybe Not

January 6, 2017

About 70 percent of people who take the race version of the Implicit Association Test prefer faces with typically European-American features over those with African-American features.

On the Front Lines of a New Culture War

January 4, 2017

St. Cloud State University spent 15 years trying to become a beacon of diversity and tolerance while its city fought over the arrival of Muslim refugees. Then Donald Trump came along.