Morgan Reightler Sourbeer

Morgan Reightler Sourbeer

  • Education Program Assistant / Event Management Specialist (Part Time)

Areas of Expertise

  • Cvent Event Site Creation and Management
  • Registration Management
  • Event Website Creation
  • Content Development


  • Morgan grew-up in Central Pennsylvania and holds a bachelor's degree in Art Education from Penn State (College of Arts and Architecture / SoVA). 

Morgan has been an event management specialist for six years, working with Extension educators from across the state and managing statewide Extension events; she has created and managed over 3,000 Extension event websites. Morgan has been working in a part-time role in her current position for two years.

Prior to Penn State, Morgan taught elementary school art classes and managed an after-school program of over 200 youth and 12 staff at a private non-profit in the suburbs of Boston, MA.