Morgan Reightler Sourbeer

Morgan Reightler Sourbeer

  • Education Program Assistant / Event Management Specialist (Part Time)

Areas of Expertise

  • Cvent Event Site Creation and Management
  • Registration Management
  • Event Website Creation
  • Content Development


  • Morgan grew-up in Central Pennsylvania and holds a bachelor's degree in Art Education from Penn State (College of Arts and Architecture / SoVA). 

Morgan has been an event management specialist for six years, working with Extension educators from across the state and managing statewide Extension events. Morgan has created and managed over 3,000 Extension event websites. Morgan has been working in a part-time role in her current position for two years.

Prior to Penn State, Morgan taught elementary school art classes and managed an after-school program of over 200 youth and 12 staff at a private non-profit in the suburbs of Boston, MA.