Daryl Heasley

Daryl Heasley

  • Penn State Volunteer Curator, Pasto Agricultural Museum
137 Ag Admin Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802


  • B.S., Agricultural Education; M.S. and Ph.D. Rural Sociology; Penn State

Professional Areas of Expertise

Personal, Interpersonal, Group/Organizational, and Community Development; Interpersonal Communications; Rural Development; Business Retention and Expansion; Volunteerism and Volunteer Leadership Development; Local Government Issues Resolution; Local Government Leadership Development; Ethnographic Studies; Formal University Undergraduate and Graduate Levels Courses Development, Teaching, and Evaluation; Educational Program Development; Program Evaluation (including questionnaire design and development, implementation, analysis and reporting).

Work-Related Experiences

I have worked for nearly 50 years developing leadership/organizational and community-based improvement materials and programs. As a Penn State faculty member, I have helped individuals, groups and communities enhance leadership skills, processes, and procedures. In addition I have helped these entities develop, implement, and evaluate research-based strategic planning to improve the quality of life. I have conducted about 30 community Ethnographic studies in Pennsylvania and throughout the US. These materials and programs are still being used statewide, nationally, and internationally.

I developed, field-tested, evaluated, and revised training and evaluative materials for the Area Agencies on Aging of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, local governments, Cooperative Extension, and local and statewide Leadership Programs. Materials subsequently have been adapted for use nationally and internationally.

These areas of work have involved extensive teambuilding, the development of and interaction with focus groups, and the development and expansion of horizontal and vertical linkages in order to secure needed resources for use by organizations and communities.

Currently I am a member of the following organizations: Business Retention International; Epsilon Sigma Phi; Pasto Ag Museum; Centre County Visitors Bureau; Cobble Creek Manor Board of Directors; and Greenwood Furnace State Park Friends & Focus Groups.

Professional Publications and Presentations

I have authored (alone or in concert with others) numerous refereed and non-refereed publications, reports to sponsors and appropriate audiences, and presentations to lay and professional audiences nationally and internationally.

I have been invited to critically review and make appropriate recommendations regarding peer-prepared articles proposed for refereed and non-refereed publications. Likewise, I have served in similar capacities regarding state, regional, and national grant proposals seeking funding from a variety of public and private sponsors. In addition I have served in an array of leadership roles for local, state, regional, national, and international boards and research/extension program committees.

A complete listing of my professional and volunteer accomplishments, publications, and awards is available upon request.

Professional Certification

Certified Community Developer, Community Development Society International Master Consultant, Business Retention and Expansion International Certified Consultant, Inscape Publishing.