3 credit course. Offered Fall. This course aims to allow each student to develop and apply the fundamental dimensions and value of consumer insights to product development objectives; implement key qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid approaches for consumer insights; recognize, identify, and apply key consumer biases, and examine trade-offs in research and consumer behavior.

Topics covered in the course start with understanding the consumer and key consumer biases and move to objective-based consumer research design including qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid approaches. In addition, research in the fuzzy front end, utilizing social listening as well as new technology in consumer research will be discussed. Throughout, an objective-based framework will be applied where the consumer is at the center and insights are developed related to how consumer interact with products. In addition, the real-world practical examples and assignments will be utilized extensively for real-world application. Taken together, this will allow students to develop and further their critical thinking and communication skills.

FDSC 516 Syllabus

All course information is listed within this syllabus.

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