Meeting with the Faculty

Posted: October 3, 2014

With one full day on the job under his belt, Dean Roush has the opportunity to talk with faculty about opportunities and the road ahead.

Dean Roush talking with Paul Patterson from Animal Science
Dean Roush attended his first all-college faculty meeting today to meet people and share thoughts on the road ahead. Paul Patterson, professor of poultry science in the Department of Animal Science, took the opportunity to say hello.


Dean Rick Roush talking with VBS department head Val Beasley
Roush spent a few minutes with another newcomer to the college, Val Beasley, who has taken over as head of the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.


Margaret Brittingham at the college faculty meeting
Margaret Brittingham, professor of wildlife resources, chaired the all-college faculty meeting.


Barb Christ introducing Val Beasley at college faculty meeting
After a round of applause from the faculty in recognition of her work as interim dean, Barb Christ, senior associate dean, took the opportunity to introduce the new head of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Val Beasley.


Ann Tickamyer introducing Katherine Zipp at faculty meeting
Ann Tickamyer, head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, introduced new faculty member Katherine Zipp, assistant professor of environmental and resource economics.


Rich Marini introducing new faculty at the college faculty meeting
Rich Marini, head of the Department of Plant Science, took the opportunity to introduce two new faculty members.


Michela Centinari at the college faculty meeting
Michela Centinari, assistant professor of viticulture, will be working with wine grapes to help the Pennsylvania wine industry.


Ben McGraw at the college faculty meeting
Ben McGraw, associate professor of turfgrass science, is the other new member of the Plant Science faculty.


Kelli Hoover at the college faculty meeting
Kelli Hoover, professor of entomology, introduced a new faculty member.


Rudolf Schilder at college faculty meeting
Rudolf Schilder joins the entomology faculty.


Federico Harte at the college faculty meeting
Associate Professor of Food Science, Frederico Harte, was introduced to the group as the newest member of the Department of Food Science.


Dean Rick Roush addressing the faculty
Dean Roush addressed the faculty for the first time and shared ideas about the challenges the college faces and the opportunities it has for the future.


Reception to meet Dean Roush
After the meeting, faculty had a chance to talk with colleagues and begin to open a dialogue with Dean Roush to address concerns for students, faculty, the college and University.

A good start.