Posted: June 15, 2018

User centered design is a process of discovering the needs and behaviors of end users in order to design an experience which enables them to achieve their goals. This process will be utilized for the college website redesign project in order to improve the user experience based on test results and analytics.


  • Utilizes observation, test results, and data rather than opinions or speculation
  • Reduces questions and uncertainty
  • Produces an experience that is specifically targeted to the audience's needs
  • Establishes a system of continuous improvement
  • Supports the goals of the college by supporting the goals of potential and current students and other audiences

User Centered Design Steps

1. Discover

Goal: Get to know the target audience and understand roadblocks and limitations of the current site.


  • Best practice research and competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Baseline usability testing
  • User interviews
  • Personas and user journeys

2. Design

Goal: Craft the information architecture and develop the interactive layout and visual design of the site.
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Content evaluation
  • Wireframes
  • Usability testing

3. Develop

Goal: Produce the final content and apply the finalized visual design.


  • Collaborative content review, writing and editing
  • Final round of usability testing and analysis
  • Final site performance and accessibility testing

4. Deliver

Goal: Take the site live and monitor issues and performance


  • Analytics monitoring
  • Surveys and other continued collaboration to improve content
User Centered Design

The user centered design process