Learn how to log in and submit a request to the Ag Communications and Marketing unit using Workfront.

Log into Workfront to submit a request or to view the status of an existing request.

What is Workfront?

Workfront is the new project management system that Ag Communications and Marketing is using to receive and process all requests in a centralized location, allowing users to view and monitor the progress of their request. Use this new form to request support in the following areas:

  • CRM/ Salesforce Requests
  • Educational Publications and Materials
  • Marketing and PR Support Request
  • Online Course Support
  • Video and Webinar Support
  • Website Support
  • Workshops, Events, and Conferences Support

Get Assistance

Need help with Workfront? Contact Emmi Welteroth to assist with logging in, submitting and managing a request, and more.

Need help with a new project? Contact your marketing strategy specialist to set up a consultation.

Workfront Training Materials

Download a PDF version of the training materials, or navigate to a specific topic below.

Download an Excel spreadsheet that maps out how requests are routed through Workfront based on which queue topic is chosen.

Log into Workfront

Learn how to access Workfront and log in with your WebAccess credentials.

Submit a Request

Learn how to submit a request

Manage Your Request

Learn how to check on the status of your request, modify details, and add comments and documents.


When something needs your attention in Workfront, you will receive notifications.

Profile Settings

Learn how to manage your profile settings, including your contact information and email notification settings.

Reviewing and Approving Documents
Reviewing and Approving Proofs