Description of the standard image dimensions used in Plone content, including homepages and lead images.

Homepage Images

Homepage images should be exactly the width documented in order to work with the page dimensions.

The standard homepage image dimensions are 1000 x 330 pixels.

The height can be less than 330px, but all of the images in the rotation for a particular site must be the same dimensions.


Lead Images

Lead images should be at least 350 pixels wide. Plone will automatically scale the image down to a reasonable dimension.

Landscape orientation images are preferred.

The width/height ratio should be 3:2 for landscape orientation images, and 3:4 for portrait orientation images.

Inline Images

Images included in the body text should be full width, landscape orientation images.

The original source image should ideally be between 1000-1200 pixels wide , although they're generally scaled to approximately 750 pixels in width.